COURSES TAUGHT (Undergraduate)

Basic Chemistry (SSK1003)

Basic Chemistry Lab (SSK1801)

General Chemistry Lab (SSK1821)

Biochemistry Lab (SSK1003)

General Biology Lab I (SSB1801)

General Biology Lab II (SSB1811)

Biochemical Cell and Metabolism Lab (SSB2811)

Microbiology (SSB3303/3203)

Microbiology Lab (SSB 3801)

Bioremediation and Biodegradation (SSB3552)

Molecular Biotechnology (SSB3212)

Molecular and Cellular Biology (SSB2143)

Genetic Engineering Lab (SSG 2153)

Extremophiles (SQG/SQBS 3413)*- course coordinator

Physiology and Screening of Industrial Microorganisms (SSG2313/SQG 2313/SQBS 3323)* – course coordinator

Biosensor Technology (SSB4692/SSG3692/SQG/SQBI 4693)*- course coordinator


COURSES TAUGHT (Postgraduate)

Emerging Issues in Biotechnology (MQT 1352)

Molecular Mechanisms in Gene Expression and Regulation (MQT 1153)

Techniques in Biotechnology (MQT 1802)

Bioremediation Technology (MQT 1553)

Protein Engineering (MQT 1683)

Environmental Bioengineering (MQT 1563)