Completed Projects

1. Bioactive Compounds From the Family of Lauraceae for the Treatment of Diarrhoea, Fever and Migraine, Short Term Research Grant, UTM, 2000-2001, Vot 71646, Project Leader.

2. Minyak Pati dan Sebatian Semulajadi Aktif Biologi Daripada Tumbuhan Ubatan dan Beraroma Sebagai Bahan
Perasa, Ubat dan Racun Serangga, Geran FELDA, 2001-2003, Researcher.

3. Chemicals and PAF Activity of Several Malaysian Artocarpus Species, IRGS, UTM, 2004-2005, Vot. 75071, Researcher.

4. Phytochemicals with Cytotoxic Activity From Four Rare Malaysian Artocarpus Species, SceinceFund, MOSTI, 2007-2009, Vot 79132, Project Leader.

5. Phytochemicals With Antioxidants and Antityrosinase Activities from Two Melastomataceae, Sciencefund, MOSTI, 2006-2008, Researcher.

6. Biotransformation of Artonin E into Compound with Enhanced Pharmacological Activities using Locally Isolated
Microorganisms, Sciencefund, MOSTI, 2008-2010, Researcher.

7. Screening and Isolation of microorganisms able to convert flavonoids to intermediates having Enhanced Pharmacological activities, FRGS, MOHE, 2008-2010, Researcher.

8. Structure-biological activity Relationship of Antibacterial Agent from Malaysian Artocarpus species
FRGS, 2009-2011, Vot 78413, Project Leader.

9. Phytochemicals with Antibacterial Property from Artocarpus anisophyllus Miq. (Moraceae), Geran Penyelidikan Universiti (GUP), 2011-2012, Project Leader.

10. Study of Breast Cancer Cell Death Mechanism Treated with Flavonoids from Artocarpus lowii, Geran Penyelidikan Universiti (GUP), 2012-2013, Project Leader.

11. Synthesis of Prenylated Chalcones and Their Derivatives from Artocarpus lowii with Antiproliferative Activity, FRGS 2013-2015, R.J130000.7826.4F293, Project Leader.

12. Isolation and Identification of Bioactive Phytochemicals from Artocarpus scortechinii, Geran Penyelidikan Universiti (GUP), 2013-2015, Project Leader.






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