iLATOS 2017


ILATOS 2017 is an international forum for researchers, academicians, engineers and industry players from various fields of laser & electro-optics with different experiences and backgrounds. ILATOS 2017 creates opportunities to present research results, discuss current issues and exchange views that may create mutual interest.
Furthermore, as a bridge to transfer research & development output to the applications which match the industrial requirements as well as user’ expectations. ILATOS 2017 offers a comprehensive view of theoretical and experimental laser research and applications. Articles cover every aspect of modern laser physics and quantum electronics, emphasizing physical effects in various media (solid, gaseous, and liquid) leading to the generation of laser radiation; peculiarities of propagation of laser radiation, problems involving impact of laser radiation on various substances and the emerging physical effects, including coherent ones; the applied use of lasers and laser spectroscopy; the processing and storage of information.

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The following topics will receive particular attention but not limited to:

  1. Laser and its applications
  2. Fiber Optics Sensor and Fiber Lasers
  3. Quantum Optics and Quantum information
  4. Ultrafast Optics and Strong-Field Physics
  5. Nonlinear Optics
  6. Optics
  7. Laser Methods in Chemistry, Biology, and Medicine
  8. Nanomaterials
  9. Laser Interaction with Matter
  10. Solar Light and Applications
  11. Photonics & Nanophotonics
  12. Bio-Photonics
  13. LIBS
  14. Synchrotron Light Source
  15. Electromagnetic wave


Selected papers from conference will be considered for publication in Jurnal Teknologi (Scopus Indexed) . The remaining papers will be published in Buletin Optik (eISSN: 2504-8546) .