Yong Bang Xiang: From UTM to Cambridge

AFTER finishing Malaysian Higher Certificate of Education  (STPM), Yong Bang Xiang had a nine month break while awaiting local university undergraduate admissions.  During that period, he spent time exploring various skills such as building electronics project, programming, 3D modeling, and various other skills that piqued his interest.  It was during that time that he built his foundation of technical skills which would set him ahead of his peers and ultimately on the path to finding his passion in electrical and electronic engineering.

First competition joined : Innopitch 2014 won by Dr. Yeong Che Fai (1st Prize) & Yong Bang Xiang (2nd Prize)

Before entering university, he was offered Electrical and Electronic Engineering courses he wished for from two top local universities. With that, he surveyed and compared the two local universities and came to the conclusion that Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) was the best institution for engineering, especially for the innovation & robotics competitions it won and dominated.

It was at that time, he found out about a prominent lecturer in UTM, Dr. Yeong Che Fai who was very active in cultivating students toward winning innovation competitions. In addition, UTM also offered him the prestigious UTM Endowment Scholarship. Ultimately, Yong Bang Xiang decided to choose to enter UTM to begin his undergraduate studies.

Upon entering university, he prioritized joining UTM ROBOCON team who were the National Champion for many consecutive years. In addition, he joined the UTM Aces Toastmasters Club as he considered the importance of being balanced in both technical (ROBOCON) and interpersonal skills (Toastmasters). It was also during that time of his First Year undergraduate studies that he met Dr. Yeong Che Fai who gave him the opportunity to join his group.

In that group, he mingled with other senior students who were active in competitions and helped in boosting his maturity. He was also inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of his mentor and group who were commercializing their research in university.

Eventually, he undertook his first project from Dr. Yeong which was “Virtual reality for stroke rehabilitation”. Under the mentorship, he went on to win various local & international competitions (Hawaii USA, Singapore, Indonesia).