SPE-UTM brings back glory from PETROLIDA 2018

It was a proud moment for The Society of Petroleum Engineers- Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Student Chapter (SPE-UTM SC) when Ms. Khabilashini Ravendrnathan was announced as the winner of Paper Competition in Petroleum Integrated Days 2018 held at Institute Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya with her paper titled “Shale Inhibitive Properties of Mixture of Poly-Ether Diamine and Potassium Chloride in Water-Based Drilling Fluid” supervised by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Muhammad bin A. Manan. Alongside with her was Mr. Anthony Heah Thin Hui who won the 2nd-runner up with the title of his paper, “The Effect of Nano-Silica in WBM to Lift Drilled Cuttings from Deviated Hope to the Surface”, supervised by Assoc. Prof. Issham bin Ismail. In addition, we had Mr. Aravind Vicknes Balan who presented his paper with the title “The Effect of Polypropylene in Cutting Lifting Efficiency in Different Hole Angle”, also supervised by Assoc. Prof. Issham.

Lastly, excellent effort by our first-year student, Mr. Albert Chong Ming Cai alongside with third-year students Mr. Khor Chun Wei and Mr. Wong Zhu Kher which had participated in the Smart Competiton.

Congratulations to all winners and a tremendous appreciation goes to our advisor, Dr. Mohd. Akhmal bin Muhamad Sidek for your endless support and guidance towards the members of SPE-UTM SC.

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