Geran Penyelidikan Kontrak bagi Projek Penyelidikan Impak Pelaksanaan Program CLMV (Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar dan Vietnam) – RM 50,000.00 (28 Jun 2017 to 27 Disember 2017 – 6 bulan) IPPTN


  1. Meeting was held at INTI University Nilai and some pertinent matters pertaining to the progress of the grant was discussed.
  2. The team agreed to visit IPPTN in USM Penang on the 10th and 11th August 2017. The visit was planned to collect data from records held on projects granted under the CLMV initiatives.
  3. The team agreed to draft a form to be used as the tool to collect data in IPPTN. An approach discussed was ‘top-down’ in which CLMV overall aim and objectives will be mapped back with each individual projects carried out under the initiatives.
  4. The team had also agreed on the mechanism/approach to collect the data. Objectives and aim of projects under the CLMV initiatives will be mapped and data collected will be used to determine whether the projects have met its objectives. The team will deploy a ‘bottom-up’ approach in which the outcomes reported from each project will be mapped back with the approach in ‘3’.


  1. Data collection at IPPTN, USM PEN.


  1. Internal coordination meeting held at INTI University Nilai.
  2. The team agreed to communicate with all the respective project leaders of past CLMV projects.
  3. Data collection centres were decided: (1) Central – which includes project leaders who reside in KL and surrounding; (2) Southern – JB; (3) Northern – Penang/Kedah; (4) East Coast – Terengganu & (5) Sabah.
  4. Pilot interview/session will be held in Penang.