Day 9 – Module 4 (C)* and 6 (Practicum)




To assignment page (to submit 30/8/2017)

MODUL 6 : PRACTICUM  GROUP 2 (Prof. Madya Ir. Hayati Abdullah)

  • The basic ingredients:
    • clear LO
    • Motivation & attention
    • Focus on key concepts
    • Development of good thinking
    • Active and experiential learning
    • Conducive environment
    • Alignment – knowledge + T&L + assessment
  • Tips:
    • A sprinkle of persona
    • Oodles of passion
    • A high degree of professionalism
    • Blend them well with SCL approach and use of technology
    • Improve through practice and feedback – entree survey & exit survey
  • Focus
    • Presentation styles
    • Stories
    • Examples
    • Activities/technology/social media – kahoot/padlet
    • Humor
  • Practicum (instruction)
    • Check observation schedule (date/time/venue)
    • Get to know your assessment panel member/s (give call. If necessary, discuss the assessment criteria/expectation with them)
    • Print and give the panel the assessment form. The form will tell the assessment criteria. Read the form carefully.
    • Hand over the forms (hard copy).
    • Prepare the necessary document – L1 (Course outline); L2 (teaching outline for the week) & slides (printed in a duplex) and hand over to the panel. Design the lecture for 1 HOUR ONLY.
    • Reflection session (10 minutes) – write the comment in the reflection form (similar to bullet no. 9).
    • Inform the student about the observation – the students need to dress properly and actively participating in class i.e. classroom management.
    • Prepare for plan B.
    • Upon completion – submit one page of reflection summary – the class delivery session, good or bad things experience, perception on the students respond, panel comment & how to make the session better.
    • If there are no generic skills addressed on that particular week – tell the observer when it is going to be covered.
    • L2 – topic; LO; teaching methodology; assessment (for that day – exp: 1 short concept question or kahoot etc).
    • Use teaching aid – non-human; tools; instrument; articles
  • Marking – some notes
    • Introduction – flashback from the last lesson; FAQ
    • Teaching aid
    • Strategy
    • Interaction between student and lecturer
    • to submit 5 documents:

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