Determinants of services cost in high rise residential buildings


Building services are an integral element in buildings which aid in movement, communications and contributing towards comfort. These systems contribute a significant portion of the cost to buildings. The current trend of building services cost showed an upward pattern as the previous studies had shown. This implied that a huge sum of expenditure had been spent to equip buildings with a wide array of services. Despite this trend, there seemed to be a lack of studies being carried out to explain the situation. This calls for a study to be carried out to determine the determinants which justify current trend observed. Therefore, the aim of this study is to appraise the determinants influencing the building service cost in high-rise residential building. To achieve this aim, the following objectives were outlined: (1) To analyse the trend of building services cost in high-rise residential building; (2) To determine the main determinants that justify the trend of the building services cost in high-rise residential building. This study was conducted using qualitative approach through document analysis in attaining the first objective by analysing historical cost data from five case studies. The second objective was achieved through semi-structured interviews administered to seven respondents with a background in M&E. By using the NVivo to analyse the interviews data, five main determinants were determined through this study. These are (1) client requirement; (2) design factor; (3) economic factor; (4) consideration of eco-friendly product and (5) amendment of building regulation. As cost is seen as the main concern of building clients, this study contributes by informing the designers on the determinants that affect building services cost. This would serve as a control mechanism for making a decision in the early design stage.