MSCM 1053 Computational Mathematics


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Programming concepts, style and language construction using C++. Object-oriented approach using class and object, and abstractions using inheritance, polymorphism and overloading. Concepts of mathematical modeling and simulation. Visualization and friendly graphical-user interface designs using tools in MFC. Case studies and programming exercises on selected problems in algebra, numerical methods, graph theory and discrete-event simulations.


At the end of the course, students should be able to achieve the following objectives:

CO1 : Fundamental knowledge of the programming concepts.
CO2 : Understand the schematic steps through algorithms and flowcharts, and convert into C++ for solving problems.
CO3 : Ability to apply knowledge and skills in C++ for solving numerical-intensive mathematical problems.
CO4 : Ability to provide user-interfaces through Windows resources for visualizing a problem as well as its solution.
CO5 : Ability to apply knowledge and skills from the course into dissertation project.