Master Students


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  2. “Stability of a six storey steel frame structure”, Shamshinar Binti Salehuddin (830211025658/MA092013), May 2011.
  3. “Dynamic Response Prediction of Steel Frame Structure considering semi-rigid connection by applying damper”, Masoud Dehkhoda Rajabi (MA 111207, IC: 201202M10283), June 2013.
  4. “Dynamic Response Prediction of Steel Frame Structure considering Semi-Rigid Connection”, Soroush Sondossi (MA111003, Passport: E19317392), June 2013.
  5. “Development of Finite Element Formulation for Plate Buckling Structure”, Hassan Amer Ali AlGaifi (MA111081), June 2013.
  6. “Dynamic Simulation of Columns considering Geometric Nonlinearity”, Mostafa Mirshekari (MA111162, Passport No.: X22218256), June 2013.
  7. “Modelling of time dependent Integral Abutment Bridge by LUSAS”, Rebaz Abdul Ghafoor Othman (MA111046), 2012.
  8. “Nonlinear Finite Element Modelling for Steel beam-column connection attached with top and seat angle”, Seyed Hamed Hosseini (MA101335, Passport: L16859643), Jan 2013.
  9. “Mechanical Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Short column- CFRP Composite based on ABAQUS Finite Element Analysis”, Pezhman Taghia (MA101425), Jan 2013.
  10. “Parametric Analysis of Corrugated Plate by using ANSYS Finite Element Software”, Hajer Satih Abbas (MA111087), Jan 2013.
  11. “Finite Element Simulation of Reinforced Concrete Deep Beam with Opening Strengthened with FRP Laminates”, Osama AbdulRazak AbdulWahab (MA101429), Jan 2013.
  12. “Finite Element Simulation of Rectangular Concrete-filled Steel-hollow Section Beam-Column Structure”, Kamyar Bagherinejad Shahrbijari (MA111050, Passport: D18248525), Jan 2013.
  13. “Analysis of Steel-Reinforced Concrete-filled steel tubular and concrete-filled steel tubular columns under cyclic loading”, Javid Mahdouji (MA111010), 2012.
  14. “Plastic Analysis of Steel Frame with Rigid and Semi Rigid Connection”, Payam Nazari (Passport No.: 201109M10024), Aug 2013.
  15. “Experimental Study on Structural Behaviour of Concrete – Corrugated Steel Composite Slab”, Ali Abdul Naby Ahmed (Passport No.: 201204M10009), Aug 2013.
  16. “Plastic Analysis of Concrete Beam Structure using LUSAS”, Mohd Akhmal Md. Aripin (I.C.: 900508015865), June 2014.
  17. “Non-linear Dynamic and Push-Over Analysis of an Air Traffic Control Tower”, Hossein Moravej (Passport: 201209M10265), August 2014.
  18. “Simulation performance of low damage connection based on Abaqus”, Mahdi Hatami (Passport: 201209M10594), June 2014.
  19. “Proposed rigidity formulation of concrete-corrugated-steel slab based on modified transformed section method”, Hossein Mohammadi Bazargan (Passport: 201202M10159), 2013.
  20. “Analysis of Single Storey Steel Frame Structure by considering Semi-Rigid Connection”, Mohsen Talebian (Passport: 201202M10276), June 2014.
  21. “Modelling of Reinforced Concrete Beam by using Plasticity Approach”, Nur Fatiha Nadia Binti Mansor (IC: 921001-08-5242), January 2016.
  22. “Static and Dynamic Analysis of Multistory Building with different cross section area of Beams Story”, Muhammad Bin Jaafar (IC: 900211-03-5865), 2016.
  23. “Analysis and Design of RC Structure against progressive collapse”, Selvaraj Manonmani Tamilselvan (MKA 181075), 2020.