Working memory overload

Why cant I remember my precious memory?
Surfing web here and there, playing video games for 8 hours, facebooking and on the phone all the time make information overload —> working memory overload.

Working memory is responsible for:
1. Intake information
2. Will power – focus
3. Treating in your life
4. Taking new information and linking with the information you already know
5. Behavior response based on information
6. How to use information in your life

How to reduce working memory overload? —> Digital information diet
1. Eliminate your facebook, handphone and webpages
2. Read real book – 4 months
3. Find quiet time for self-reflection.
Find quiet time –> to become more clarity in thought, talk without run some tangent —> Nabi Muhammad SAW did this too – Gua Hira’ time.

Time is the comodity – technology will take it if you dont control it.

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