Design Automation Conference 2016

C A L L  F O R   P A R T I C I P A T I O N

**** Design Automation Conference 2016 ****

Austin Convention Center, Austin, Texas

June 5 – 9, 2016


The Automotive sessions at DAC provide a forum for people from automotive, embedded systems, security and EDA, to connect, engage, and exchange information. The sessions focused on automotive will highlight unique challenges, emerging solutions and explore the road ahead.

Automobiles today are complex electrical and electronic control systems. Nearly every aspect of the vehicle uses smart electronics and embedded software to make our transportation experience safer, more energy-efficient and enjoyable. Premium vehicles can have several million lines of embedded software running on hundreds of electronic control units connected not only with one another by in-vehicle networks but also to the cloud, other vehicles and infrastructure. As the trend towards automated driving and connectivity accelerates, the ability to deliver these innovations depends more than ever on the electronics and software development capabilities. Mastering the enormous functional complexity while satisfying safety, security as well as cost constraints requires powerful methods and tools for all development steps.

We actively seek high quality research manuscripts in the categories specified below as well as proposals for special sessions, panels, workshops, and tutorials.

Deadline for submissions:   November 17, 2015

Notification of acceptance:  February 16, 2016

AUTO1. Automotive Design Tools and Methodologies

·       AUTO1.1 Model-based systems and software engineering

·       AUTO1.2 Virtualized validation and XiL methodologies

·       AUTO1.3 Formal design & verification methods

·       AUTO1.4 Timing analysis and predictability

·       AUTO1.5 Variability engineering and configuration management

·       AUTO1.6 Design methodologies dealing with uncertainty and autonomy

AUTO2. Automotive Systems & Software Architectures

·       AUTO2.1 Automotive E/E architecture design

·       AUTO2.2 Parallel hardware: multi-core, many-core, GPUs

·       AUTO2.3 Architectures for in-field software deployment

·       AUTO2.4 Solutions for ECU consolidation

AUTO3. Safety, Security, and Reliability

·       AUTO3.1 Safety requirements and their verification

·       AUTO3.2 Security threat assessment and vulnerability detection

·       AUTO3.3 Design for safety & security

·       AUTO3.4 Mixed criticality systems

·       AUTO3.5 Reliable systems based on unreliable components

AUTO4. Green & Autonomous Automotive Systems Solutions

·       AUTO4.1 Driver assistance and highly automated driving

·       AUTO4.2 Connected vehicles and cloud infrastructure

·       AUTO4.3 Smart sensors and environment perception

·       AUTO4.4 Electrified powertrain and e-mobility solutions

·       AUTO4.5 Energy-aware vehicle design and optimization

DAC Automotive Track Chair:

Dirk Ziegenbein – Robert Bosch GmbH

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