PhD Student: Pegah Razmara

PhD Proposed Title:

Multi-round Real-time Divisible Load Scheduling in Multiprocessor Platforms

Registration Year: 2010

Real-time Systems, Scheduling, DLT, Multiprocessor, Parallel Computing


Recent real-time systems and applications are becoming more complex and compose more functionality. Therefore, these systems are increasingly to be implemented upon multiprocessor platforms, as they require complex sharing of data, synchronization and parallelism. To overcome this limitation, recent researches have applied Divisible Load Theory (DLT) to real-time multiprocessor scheduling and the theory is known as Real-time Divisible Load Theory (RT-DLT).  However, most current studies in this field are about distributing data in single-round algorithm and there are limited studies in multi-round strategy in real-time systems to reduce idle time. This research is done to address the problem of task execution on real-time multiprocessor platforms to reduce inserted idle time in order to meet task deadline. Therefor to achieve that, this research developed three significant multi-round algorithms by series of experimental simulation in expanding the current single-round RT-DLT to multi-round RT-DLT.  The first algorithm computed the minimum number of processors needed to complete the job by its deadline and 40% improved the previous single-round algorithm and 33% Improved previous multi-round algorithm. The second algorithm determined the most efficient number of round and finally the third algorithm computed the minimum completion time in order to meet the task’s deadline and 35% improved the previous single-round algorithm and 38% improved previous multi-round algorithm.