Post doctorate position, France

Post doctorate position

Reliability in Embedded Systems: Simulation and Modeling

LAMIH-CNRS UMR University of Valenciennes and CEA-LIST Paris Saclay, France

Complex embedded systems are more and more used to fulfill safety-critical functionalities in transportation tools such as automotive, trains and avionics. With the increasing usage for advanced technologies, traditional ways based on redundancy of hardware units to handle reliability in such systems are no more efficient. Next generation of embedded systems for automotive applications must offer a high level of reliability; all with low manufacturing cost, high system performance and low area overheads. This trend highlights the trend to incorporate more and more functionalities in the embedded system and therefore requires a higher level of performance and reliability.

This Post-doc will be done in the framework of the EQUITAS “Enhanced Quality Using Intensive Test & Analysis on Simulators”, a cooperation project between university of Valenciennes, CEA-LIST at Paris (Saclay), Continental, Sherpa and All4Tec. The goal of the project is to: reduce the cost of the validation phase while increasing the test coverage, taking into account the physical faults in the design flow of an embedded system in automotive. The questions we try to answer are: How to model hardware fault? How should the system detect transient errors? How to fix the faults and to continue executing the application properly without deteriorating the execution time and energy consumption for real-time and critical applications?

The contribution of our group in EQUITAS is the modeling and the analysis of hardware faults using the UNISIM-VP ( SystemC-based simulator. The duties also include collaboration with PhD students working on these topics and helping to write high-impact papers and funding applications.

Required degree and skills:

Ø  Ph.D in computer engineering/electrical engineering/automation with knowledge in Embedded systems and their architectures.

Ø  Experience in scientific journals / conference publication with good English (writing and speaking).

Ø  Knowledge/experience in one of the following matters would be an advantage:

o   Processor architecture, simulation, modeling and SystemC.

o   Reliability and fault detection/management/correction techniques.

o   Automotive and transportation system applications

An application prepared in English or French should contain:

  1. CV with the list of publications.
  2. Contact information for 2 reference persons.

Contact:  Smaïl NIAR (  and Reda Nouacer (