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Application Deadline: 31-Dez-2015
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Reference:            CISTER-RE2015-02

The CISTER Research Center, located in Porto, Portugal, an international reference in the area of real-time and embedded computer systems, is opening up to two Research Engineer positions in the area of distributed embedded systems and Internet of Things to work in international projects in the area. This position aims at a commitment of up to 3 years. The net salary (after taxes) will range, depending on the merits and the degree of the candidate, from 8940€ (745€/month) up to 15600€ (1300€/month). Other benefits include social security and 24 days of paid vacation.
The candidate must fulfill the majority of the following requirements: Master or Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering or related fields; Bachelor and/or Master classification higher than 13 in 20 (candidates with lower grades might be accepted if they have a very strong CV); publications in the area; ability to work in team and motivate others; fluency in written and spoken English.
It is also desirable that the candidate has previous experience in working in all or some of the following areas: embedded systems (e.g. Raspberry Pi or Arduino programming), IoT and communication protocols (like REST, COAP, XMPP, MQTT, etc).
CISTER Background:
During the last 15 years CISTER has been constantly involved in projects in the wide area of distributed systems and real-time systems. Particularly, CISTER has provided advances in architectures for distributed embedded real-time systems, real-time wireless sensor networks, cyber-physical systems and middlewares for embedded systems.
CISTER has participated in several Networks of Excellence in these areas, such as ArtistDesign and CONET. The first was a series of NoE focusing on the design of embedded systems and the latter was a NoE specifically targeting the study of cooperating objects, supported by WSN. We are also part of the CMU-Portugal Program which aims at creating top level and internationally recognized education and research programs in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).
CISTER has been consistently involved in international R&D collaborative projects in the topics, such as RFieldbus, EMMON, ENCOURAGE, DEWI, Arrowhead, Energware e MANTIS, with partners such as Critical Software, Siemens, Airbus, Embraer, EFACEC, Thales, Volvo, EDP, etc.
Selection Process and Application Procedure:
The selection process of the candidates will be conducted by a committee of senior members of CISTER. To get further insight on ongoing research activities and projects, please refer to CISTER website. Candidates should send the following by email to (i) detailed CV; (ii) contact information for 1-2 persons who can provide a letter of recommendation.
Contact for Further Information:
Prof. Luis Lino Ferreira
Research Associate, CISTER Research Unit

Luis Lino Ferreira
Professor Adjunto

ISEP | Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto
Rua Dr. António Bernardino de Almeida, 431
4249-015 Porto – PORTUGAL
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