Wireless Sensor Networks & Internet of Things

Wireless Sensor Networks &
Internet of Things


Application Deadline: 31-Dez-2015
Send to:             jobs@cister-isep.info
Reference:            CISTER-RS2015-02

The CISTER Research Center, located in Porto, Portugal, an international reference in the area of real-time and embedded computer systems, is opening a Research Scientist long-term position in the areas of: Wireless Sensor Networks and Cyber-physical Systems; Internet of Things and Middlewares. This position aims at a commitment of at least 4-5 years. The net salary (after taxes) will range, depending on the merits of the candidate, from 31K up to 37K Euros per year. Other benefits include coverage of social security and 24 days of paid vacation.

The selected candidate is expected to pro-actively drive a strong publication record within the research area; collaborate in the definition of strategic research topics and projects; and supervise/co-supervise graduate students, including doctoral candidates.
Other activities may include submission of research proposals for national/international grants; participation in R&D projects; teaching graduate-level courses; and establishing collaborations with relevant academic/industrial groups.

The candidate must fulfill the majority of the following requirements: PhD degree (typically obtained more than 3 years ago) in Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering or related fields; very strong track record of impactful publications in reference venues and journals of the area; relevant participation in scientific committees of reference scientific events, including chairing roles; very good visibility in the scientific community of the area; relevant participation or leadership in international R&D projects, including industrial-led projects; experience in supervising graduate students (including supervision of completed/ongoing PhD students); experience in submitting project proposals and ability to secure funding; willingness to commit to a 4 to 5 year strategic development plan; high energy drive and work capacity; very good communication and motivation skills; fluency in written and spoken English.

CISTER Background in the Areas:
During the last 15 years CISTER has been constantly involved in projects in the wide area of distributed systems and real-time systems. Particularly, CISTER has provided advances in architectures for distributed embedded real-time systems, real-time wireless sensor networks, cyber-physical systems and middlewares for embedded systems.
CISTER has participated in several Networks of Excellence in these areas, such as ArtistDesign and CONET. The first was a series of NoE focusing on the design of embedded systems and the latter was a NoE specifically targeting the study of cooperating objects, supported by WSN. We are also part of the CMU-Portugal Program which aims at creating top level and internationally recognized education and research programs in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).
CISTER has been consistently involved in international R&D collaborative projects in the topics. For WSN, examples are the RFieldbus project where we developed one of the first viable solutions for industrial wireless communications; EMMON, where we deployed the largest wireless sensor network at the time, SENODS, where we designed and implemented a WSN capable of monitoring the environmental parameters in a data center; SmartSkin, with the proposal of the XDense concept to enable high sampling rate applications and high density WSN deployments, and the ongoing DEWI project, a multinational effort towards the development of wireless seamless connectivity and interoperability in aeronautics, automotive, rail and building automation. For IoT, the ENCOURAGE project aimed at the design and development of a middleware solution which allowed the integration of field devices with high level intelligent application for  energy optimization in buildings , the Arrowhead project aims a!
t the study and development of a SOA-based and interoperable architecture for IoT automation , while the main objective of MANTIS is to develop a CPS/IoT based Service Platform Architecture enabling Collaborative Maintenance Ecosystems and Energware we focus on a FIWARE system to support the connection of an energy-monitoring infrastructure with serious games for energy reduction awareness.
CISTER also participated in several projects in order areas, as also on fundamental research projects which have been mostly financed by the Portuguese research agency, details on these projects are available on CISTER’s website.
In the last years CISTER has also organized, with success, several important conferences in the area, namely: EWSN2015, SIES2013, ECRTS2011, ECRTS2003 as well as others in different fields. CISTER’s members usually participate on the organization of other renowned international conferences as General Chair, Program Chair, member of the Program Committee or Reviewer, examples of those conferences are: RTAS, SEUS, RTN, RTSS, EMSOFT, IPSN, ECRTS, etc.
It is also important to refer that CISTER has very close links with some of the most important Portuguese and International companies in these areas, like Critical Software, Portugal Telecom, Siemens, Airbus, Embraer, EFACEC, with whom we are regularly involved in projects and project proposals.

The selection process of the candidates will be conducted by a committee of senior members of CISTER, in consultation with the Academic & Industrial Advisory Boards of CISTER. To get further insight on ongoing research activities and projects, please refer to CISTER website.
Candidates should send the following by email to jobs@cister-isep.info: (i) detailed CV; (ii) a brief research plan (maximum 2 pages); (iii) contact information for 2-3 persons who can provide a strong letter of recommendation.

Prof. Eduardo Tovar
Director, CISTER Research Unit
e-mail: emt@isep.ipp.pt

Prof. Luis Ferreira
Research Associate
e-mail: llf@isep.ipp.pt

Luis Lino Ferreira
Professor Adjunto

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