Dr Muhammad Syahir is a senior lecturer at the School of Chemical and Energy Engineering (SCEE), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). He graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Nuclear) from UTM in 2016 and then pursued his PhD also in UTM. His PhD was on developing a digital neutron radiography facility at the Malaysian Nuclear Agency (MNA).

After completion of his PhD in 2020, he was appointed as a senior lecturer at the Energy Engineering Department, SCEE, UTM in November 2020, serving mainly in Nuclear Engineering Programme. He is an active member of the Malaysian Nuclear Society (MNS) and a member of the International Society for Neutron Radiography (ISNR). He is also a certified Radiation Protection Officer (RPO).

His research interests are mainly centered on nuclear applications, radiation protection, and radiation shielding. For any enquiries and collaboration, email at