Sept 2018 – Dec 2019 MUET-CEFR Ace in MUET, PGRS-ICC UTM, RM20,000. Member.
Aug 2017 – Aug 2018 UTM-UNMC Collaboration: Supporting Master Trainers of Bangladeshi College Education Development Project (BCEDP) with English Language Competency through MyLinE. Networking Grant CCIN/University of Nottingham Malaysia. RM445,700.  Leader.
Dec 2016 – Dec 2017 Author Involvement Features in Malaysian Learner Corpus. RUG UTM. RM7,000.00. Principal Investigator
Nov  2016 – Oct  2017 Academic writing and publication among novice researchers: perceived and actual challenges. RUG UTM. RM20,000. Member.
July – Nov  2016. English Language Enhancement (ELE) Programme for Non-optionist English Teachers – Writing. Networking Grant CCIN/Unit Perancangan Ekonomi Negeri Johor. RM 117,700.00. Member.
March – Dec 2016. English Language Enhancement  Programme for the State of Johor: Leap with MUET through MyLinE. Networking Grant CCIN/Unit Perancangan Ekonomi Negeri Johor. RM71,767.00. Member.
July 2014 – Sept 2016 Writing for Academia: Exploring the Epistemic Conceptions of Novice Researchers in Higher Education Institutions in Malaysia on Scholarly Research Writing. FRGS. RM 68,200.00. Member.
Dec 2014 – Feb  2016 Developing Online Preparatory Resources for UTM Test of English for Graduating Students: an investigation of students’ preferences and usefulness of the resources. Flagship RUG UTM. RM25,000.00. Member.
Dec  2013 – Nov 2015 A Taxonomy of evaluative expressions for academic abstracts. FRGS. RM57,200.00. Principal Investigator.
Sept 2009 – Aug 2011 A typology of spoken academic discourse for Science and Engineering in Malaysian Institute of Higher Learning. FRGS. RM25,000.00. Member.
May 2008 – April 2010 A Study of lecturing styles in Malaysia and the UK. UTM Leader in partnership with Hilary Nesi, University of Coventry, British Council, PMI 2 Connect—Research Cooperation Award. GBP£40,000.00. UTM Leader/Principal Investigator.
Nov 2007 – Oct  2009 Contrastive Investigation on Complex Idiosyncratic Linguistic Features of Malay and English in a Parallel Corpus of Translated Domains of Knowledge. FRGS. (Leader Assoc Prof Suad Awab, Universiti Malaya) RM 110,000.00. Member.
Jan  2006 – Feb  2007 Evaluation of Grammatical Analysis in the Development of E-Translation Software, Contract Research from MIMOS. UKM Pakarunding and MIMOS Berhad. RM 570,000.00 (Leader Assoc Prof Rogayah Razak, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia). Member.