Papers Published

A) Thesis
1. Functions of Language in Forest Resource Report Genre from a Systemic Functional Linguistics Perspective. September 2017.
B) Journal Scopus
1. Wan Adnan, W.N.A., Ibrahim, N.A., Haladin, N.B., & Wan Fakhruddin, W.F.W. (2019).
Illness Experience Sharing on Personal Blogs:
A Case Study of Malaysian Breast Cancer Survivors. GEMA Online Journal of Language Studies. Vol 19 (4). pp. 28-47.
C) Journal Non-Indexed
1. Azmi, S. N., Hassan, H., Wan Fakhruddin, W.F.W., & Mohamad Nasir, Z. (2019). Pemaknaan naratif pengalaman dalam cerpen Melayu. LSP International Journal. Vol. 6 (2). pp. 61-77.
2. Wan Fakhruddin, W.F.W., & Hassan, H. (2015). A review of genre approaches in linguistic traditions. LSP International Journal. Vol I. pp. 53-6
3. Wan Fakhruddin, W.F.W., & Attan, A. (2013). Putting knowledge gained into practice in civil engineering lab reports. Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences. Vol 1. pp. 1501 – 1512.
D) Original Book
1. Attan, A., Ramlan, R., Khalil, K., Abd. Rahim, R., & Wan Fakhruddin, W.F.W. (2013). English for Professional Communication: The Way Forward. Teaching Module for UDB 2332 English for Professional Communication. E) Edited Book
1. Framing Malaysian Higher Education 4.0: Future-proof Talents. (2018). Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia. ISBN: 978-967-14585-6-3