Current Projects

1. Project Leader

No Cost Center Project Status Project Title Grant Amount


1 4F892 ACTIVE Characterization of perovskite-based hybrid solar cell materials FRGS 73000


2. Co-researcher

No Cost Center Project Status Project Leader Name Project Title Grant
1 03K25 ACTIVE

(RM 20000 )

AIZUDDIN BIN SUPEE Effects of Tartaric Acid on Chemical Bath Deposited FeSxOy Thin Films PAS
2 4F971 ACTIVE


IZYAN HAZWANI BINTI HASHIM Synthesis and characterization of high purity 100Ru thin film for double beta decay detection FRGS
3 16H24 ACTIVE


ROSLI BIN HUSSIN Structure, Morphology and Luminuecence Properties of Sulfate-based Ceramic Compounds For Phosphor Application Tier 1
4 16H23 ACTIVE


ROSNITA BINTI MUHAMMAD Sol-Gel Dip Coating Assisted Merthod For Growth Parameters Optimization of Ytria-stabilized Zirconia Thin Film Tier 1
5 15H46 ACTIVE



ABD.KHAMIM BIN ISMAIL Structural and optical properties of SiC Nanowires grown by VHF-PECVD. Tier 1
6 4L825 ACTIVE


HADI NUR Solid-Oxide Fuel Cells based on semiconductor nanostructure for Power Industry LRGS