Master students

MSc. Student- Main Supervisor
1.      Azwin Binti Hamdan (Completed)

Alternating Current Measurement of Diamond Like Carbon Prepared By DC-PECVD. (2010)

2.      Muhamad Faiz Bin Hashim (Completed)

Characterization of Thermal Evaporated Tin Sulfide Thin Film. (2015)

3.      Bakhtiar Ridhwan Bin Bachiran (Completed)

Copper-Doped Tin Sulfide Thin Film Using Thermal Evaporation Deposition Technique For Solar cell Material. (2015)

4.      Mohamad Helmi Bin Abd Mubin (Completed)

Detection of Nitrogen Dioxide Gas by Using Indium Tin Oxide Thine Film with Heat Treatment and RF Sputtering Method (2010)

5.      Nurul Ain Binti Mohd Sukri (Completed)

NO2 Gas Detection By Using Copper Oxide Thin Film. (2010)

6.      Nur Liyana Binti Amiar Rodin (Completed)

Structural and Thermal Characteristic Barium Titanate Ceramic (2011)

7.      Nurfarahin Binti Nizar (Completed)

Synthesis and Characteristic of Luminescence Properties of Barium Orthosilicate doped with Rare Earth. (2012)

8.      Noor Atiqah Binti Jailani (Completed)

Thermal and Structure Characterization of Low Temperature Calcium Titanate Ceramic (2011)

MSc Student- Co-Supervisor
1. Nor Hidayah Binti Md Amin (ongoing)

Morphological and structural characterization of nickel oxideyttria stabilized zirconia

synthesized using sol-gel dip coating method.

2. Shahirah Binti Deraman (ongoing)

The synthesis and characterization of lanthanum strontium cobalt thin film fabricated using

sol-gel dip coating.