PhD students

PhD Student-Main Supervisor
1.      Zainatul Izzah Binti Ab. Ghani (Ongoing)

Enhancement in Photovoltaic Properties of Perovskite Solar Cells by Gold Nanoparticles Embedded with Zinc Oxide. (2015)

2.      Noor Azizun Bin Mohammed Ariff (Ongoing)

Photoluminescence of Copper Nitrates Grown By Reactive DC Sputtering. (2015)

3.      Nur Hasimah Binti Hassim (Ongoing)

Growth Mechanism of Graphene-based Electrodes for Inverted Organic Solar Cell. (2015)

4.      Muhamad Faiz Bin Hashim (Ongoing)

Growth and Characterization Of Gold embed Aluminum Doped Titanium Dioxide For Perovskite Solar Cell (2017)

5.  Ahmad Saddam Moula (completed)

Radiological Dose Assesment of Naturally Occurring radioactive materials at petroleum gas separation stations in Rumaila, Iraq.


PhD Student- Co-Supervisor
1. Yamusa Abdullahi Yamusa (ongoing)

Structure and Luminescence Properties of Alkaline Earth Oxides Sulfo-Borophosphate

Glasses Doped Rare Earth.

2. Al Luhaybi Hana Abdullah H (ongoing / Taibah University, Madinah Al-Munawarah,

Saudi Arabia)

Structural and Optical Properties Evaluation of Gold Nanoparticles via Synthesis,

Characterization and Modelling.