Professional Courses:



Currently, I am the Coordinator for the Postgraduate Students for the Department of Physics since 15 November 2017. I was the coordinator for Physics program for 2 semesters and for the Final year Project (PSM) for 3 years.

Beside that, I also aid to review Malaysian Journal of Fundamental & Applied Sciences Journal, Ibnu Sina Institute, UTM.


As an educator, I firmly believe that understanding how students learn is one of the significant aspects of teaching. Hence, three things that I feel will influence students learning, the most are the (1) learning environment, (2) lecture preparation and (3) effective teaching methodologies.

(1) Learning environment

I feel that student will learn best when they feel comfortable to express their opinions and have to say something when they do not understand certain topics. Hence, I try to be a friend to my students. I will always try to find the easiest ways to make them understand by sharing what I understand i.e. trying to explain to them patiently by using different approaches of explanation. To me, when students are trying to understand, it is much better than knowing nothing. I do respect their opinions and their ideas. Hence, I always encourage them to ask and give opinions as much as possible and stop me if they do not understand or if I am going too fast. A small debate in class is what I love most. This is also a way to improve the student’s critical thinking. I do not want the student to take what I have taught or what a book wrote for granted. I want them to think if it is logical and practical. In answering questions from students, I am never ashamed of saying a straight “I do not know”, or, “I am no expert in the area”. Learning is after all a life-long process. There will be always something that we do not know. And they are always something new that all of us can learn.


(2) Lecture preparation

For me, a lecturer must be well versed with her lecture material before teaching. The lecturer must understand the fundamentals and also know how to apply the learning practical in practical situation. I always ensure that I read a lot from various text books and internet resources way long before my class. I used before to ask the previous senior lecturers that had been teaching the subjects for years if there were any topics that I was not clear off. Now I am the expert myself.

(3) Effective learning methodologies

Nowadays, there are so many new teaching methodologies. It is not like before where lecturers only give traditional lecture. There are now teaching methodologies such as active learning, problem based learning, cooperative learning, project based learning etc. I found that I love to explore using all this new various methodologies in my class. The methodologies have been designed to help students to learn more effectively and to ensure the learning outcome is achieved. These methodologies also cater for so many types of learners. I believe that by incorporating these methodologies, I will be able to help my students to learn more. I feel that these types of learning are helping my students in many ways. I aim to make learning more fun, interactive, encouraging, rewarding, and above all, purposeful for all of my students. I am ready to constantly innovate and experiment new teaching ideas. I always emphasize that they must be independent in their own thoughts and be innovative and creative in their own personal way. Nobody can say they are wrong or right. They must be able to put things right and be confident with their own opinions.