Improving supervision skills: Aside from teaching subjects, another important teaching responsibility that I have is to supervise students either undergraduate or postgraduate. Hence, I have been trying hard to learn how to supervise them effectively. I am grateful that I myself have undergone research studies as a PhD student and I have a supervisor that is a great mentor.  I took the opportunities as something that I cannot take for granted. In return, among the things that I have learnt during my studies are how to write journal papers, how to apply grants, how to plan my research, how to do networking, how to improve my critical thinking skills and many more. Since I learn it firsthand and experience it as a student myself, I understand how a student felt, their difficulties and many more. After I graduated, I helped my supervisor to co-supervise his undergraduate/master/PhD project as a training ground. I learn how to give motivations and how to guide their way of thinking instead of feeding them with answers. Currently, I am now supervising my own master and PhD students. Appendix 4 shows the list of workshops and talk that I have attended to improve my supervising skills.