Technical Reports and Other Publications

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1.  My Phd??

2.        Radiological Dose Assesment of Naturally Occuring radioactive materials at Petroleum Gas Separation Stations in Rumaila, Iraq. (2017)

1.        Nitrogen Dioxide Detection Using Copper Oxide Thin Film Sensor Prepared by Direct Current Sputtering Technique. (2014)

2.        Sensing Properties of Palladium-Doped Thin (IV) Oxide Thin Film on Carbon Monoxide Gas. (2012)

3.        Morphologies, Optical and Electrical Characterization of Aluminum Tin Sulphide Thin Film. (2017)

4.        Optical and Sensing Properties of Sputtered Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) Thin Films. (2014)

5.        Structure Characterization and Surface Morphology of Low Sintering Temperature Synthesized Calcium Titanate Ceramics. (2015)

6.        Structural Measurement of Camg TiO3. (2012)

7.        Structural Characteristics of Barium Titanate Ceramics. (2014)

8.        Thermal Evaporation of Copper Tin(II) Sulphide Absorber Thin Film for Solar Cell Application. (2017)

9.        Microstructural Studies of Strontium Titanate Ceramic Pressed at Varying Pressure. (2014)

10.    Time Dependents of Morphological and Optical Properties of DC Sputtering Grown Copper Oxide Thin Film. (2014)

11.    Surface Morphology and Optical Properties of Copper Nitride Thin Film Synthesized by DC Sputtering. (2014)

12.    Kesan Mampatan Terhadap Kekuatan Seramik Kaolin Yang Disediakan Dengan Kaedah Tekanan Kering. (2010)

1.      Structural Characterizations of Tin(IV) Oxide Thin Films. (2004)

2.      Optical Properties of Tin(IV) Oxide Doped with Antimony Thin Films. (2005)

3.      Kajian Sifat Optik Saput Tipis Zink Oxide (Zno) Di Dop Dengan Aluminium (Al) Melalui Kaedah Percikan Magnetron Frekuensi Radio. (2006)

4.      Optical Properties of Tin Oxide Thin Films. (2006)

5.      Kajian Sifat Optik Saput Tipis Zink Oksida (Zno) Melalui Kaedah Percikan Magnetron Frekuensi Radio. (2006)

6.      The Study Of Sensitivity For Zno:Al Thin Films At Various Deposition Times For CO Gas Sensor. (2006)

7.      Effects of Doping Level on Structural and Optical Properties of Alumina Doped Zinc Oxide Thin Film. (2007)

8.      Effect Of Co Concentrations On Zno:Al Thin Film Gas Sensor. (2007)

9.      The Study of Sensitivity of Tin(IV) Oxide Thins Films at Various Operating Temperatures for CO Gas Sensor. (2008)

10.  The Sensitivity of Tin(IV) Oxide Thins Films at Different Thickness Towards O2 Gas. (2009)

11.  Sensitivity of Cd-Doped Tin(IV) Oxide Thin Films Towards Carbon Monoxide at Different Operating Temperatures. (2009)

12.  The Study of The Sensitivity of SnO2 Thin Films A CO Gas Sensor at Different Thicknesses and Gas Concentrations. (2009)

13.  Sensitivity CO Gas Sensor Thin Film Tin(IV) Oxide Doped Pd Using RF Sputtering at Different Deposition Time. (2010)

14.  CO Sensitivity Towards PD-Doped Tin(IV) Oxide Thin Films Gas Sensor. (2010)

15.  Optical Properties Measurement of ZnS Thin Film Prepared by Vacuum Evaporation Technique. (2010)

16.  Electrical Properties of ZnO Thin Film Prepared by Vacuum Thermal Evaporation Technique. (2010)

17.  The Effect of Film Thickness on Optical Properties of Tin(IV) Oxide Thin Films Using DC Sputtering Method. (2011)

18.  Influence of Aluminum and Copper Dopants on Tin (IV) Oxide Thin Films Electrical Conductivity. (2011)

19.  Spectroscopic Estimation of Electron Density of Optically Generated Copper Plasma. (2011)

20.  Investigation on Structural and Photoluminescence Properties of BaMgAl10O17:Eu2 + Phosphor. (2012)

21.  The Structural Characterization and Luminescence Properties of Yttrium Oxysulphide. (2012)

22.  Optical Properties of Diamond-Like Carbon Thin Films Prepared By DC-PECVD At Different Flow-Rate of Gas. (2014)

23.  Physical and Structure Properties of Binder-less Fiber-Board Made from Coconut Husk. (2014)

24.  Surface Morphology and Resistivity Measurement of Aluminum-Doped Zinc Oxide Thin Film Prepared by Thermal Evaporation Technique. (2015)

25.Structural and Optical Properties of Aluminum Doped Zinc Oxide Thin Film for

Transparent Conductive Oxide. (2015)

26. Surface Morphology and Optical Properties of GaAs Thin Film for Solar Cell

Application. (2016)

27. The Effect of Annealing Temperature on Optical and Surface Morphological Properties

of Perovskite CH3NH3PBI2Cl Thin Film for Solar Cell. (2017)

28. Surface Morphology and Optical Properties of Graphene Thin Film Deposited by Spin

Coating Method. (2017)