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October 2003
Ph.D. in Linguistic Science (Reading Comprehension and Strategies in ESP) The University of Reading, U.K.

June 1987
MA in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language),Georgetown University,Washington D.C.,U.S.

June 1985
BA in English Literature,George Mason University,Virginia,U.S.

December 1981
English Language Certificate,English Language Institute,George Mason University,Virginia,

December 1980
Higher School Certificate (HSC),Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar,Johor Bahru,Johor

March 1978
Malaysian Certificate of Education,Sekolah Aminuddin Baki,Johor Bahru,Johor

Kelulusan Am

Lulus Peperiksaan Am Kerajaan
Bhg. 1 – Latarbelakang Masyarakat, Ekonomi dan Sistem Pentadbiran
Bhg. 2 – Jentera Pentadbiran Kerajaan

Penialai Tahap Kecekapan 3- Tahap 4

Penialaian Tahap Kecekapan 5- Tahap 4


2003 – PRESENT Asian TEFL


1989 – 2005

Senior Lecturer

Associate Professor

Doctoral Philosophy of Education (TESL)

Tina Binti Abdullah. “Engaging Learners in Meaning Making of a Short Story Through Reading and Group Discussion”.

Master of Education (TESL)

Peymaneh Ghassemi Pour Sabet .”The Relationship between Emotional Quotient and Reading Comprehension”.

Fatemah Amiri.”The Effects of Text Structure on Readers’ Reading Comprehension”.

Soodeh Hamzehlou Moghadam.”The Relationship between Breadth and Depth of Vocabulary Knowledge and Reading Comprehension”.

Elamathi A/P Supramaniam.”The Effects of Using Semantic Map Strategy on Reading Comprehension for Lower Secondary Learners”.

Soolmaz Keshavarz.”The Realationship between Anxiety and Reading Comprehension among Iranian UTM Students”.

Najah Binti Ramlan.”Teaching Approaches Employed by Secondary School Teachers in Teaching Literature Component in English”.

Sharifah Amani Binti Syed Abdul Rahman.”The Effects of Linear and Non-Linear Text on Students’ Performance in Reading”.

Noor Azlen Binti Salleh.”Factors that Motivate Primary School Students to Read Extensively in English in the Rural Areas”.

Jalinawaty Binti Abdul Jalil.”The Uses of Internet Based Activities in Teaching Subject-Verb-Agreement”.

Haryati Binti Ibrahim.”A Study on the Influence of Cultural Schemata on Reading Comprehension on Literature Text: An Analysis of the KBSM Literature in English Component”.

Junaida Binti Demiyati.”The Content Based Instruction (CBI) on the Acquisition of Discourse Markers in EST Classroom”.

Saratha Subrmaniam.”Vocabulary Aequisition through Extensive Reading”.

Ong Siu Gek.”An Experiment on the Effects of Using Selected Reading Texts on Essay Writing”.

Bachelor of Science and Education (TESL)

Tang Tian Xiong.”Reading Strategies Employed by Students from China Who are Studying at UTM”.

Nur Hidayah Binti Abd. Shukor.”The Use of Effective Writing Elements in Improving Learner’s Essay Writing”.

Norul Alima Binti Nordin.”Relationship between Reading Habit and Malaysian University English Test Result Among Students in Faculty of Education”.

Nur Ashikin Binti Mohd Zuki.”Speed Reading and Comprehension: A Focus On Proficient and Non-Proficient Students in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia”.

W.Noorazlina Binti W.Azis. “A Study on the Correlation between the Perception of UTM First Year Science Students’ on their Vocabulary Knowledge Level with Reading Comprehension”.

Siti Hajar Binti Mohamed Husin.”A Study on the Effects of Reading on Writing Performance among Faculty of Civil Engineering Students”.

Prema A/P Baskeran.”A Comparative Study of Reading Authentic and Non-Authentic Text”.

Lee Yong Yong.”A Comparative Study of Reading Aloud and Silent Reading Strategies by Primary School Students”.

Arinderjit Kaur A/P Jaspal Sigh.”The Investigation of the Reading Strategies Used by Mechanical Engineering Students in Understanding a Text”.

Zurena Zakaria.”English Teachers’ Perceptions Towards the Use of the Newspapers in the Teaching Reading”.

PUBLICATION (Refereed Jurnal)

Reza Raissi, Faizah Mohamad Nor, Marzilah A Aziz, Zanariah Md Saleh, Zaidah Zainal. (2013). Student’s Understanding and Practices Regarding Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) in Malaysian Secondary Schools. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences. (pp 325-330, Vol 4).

Reza Raissi, Faizah Mohamad Nor, Marzilah A Aziz, Zaidah Zainal, Zanariah Md Saleh. A comparison between students’ and teachers’ ideas regarding Communicative Language Teaching implementation in Malaysian secondary schools; a qualitative survey. Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research (JBASR) (Thomson Reuters ISI indexed). (Forthcoming issue in April 2013).

July 2007
Case Studies as research method An article for an academic publication (National Level) Jurnal Kemanusiaan, Bil.9 Julai 2007

March 2003
The Effects of Text Sources of Reading Comprehension ESP Malaysia (2003) (refereed journal)Vol 9 p.25-42
Also published in Proceedings: LSP In Practice: Responding to Challenges Department of Modern Languages, FPPSM, UTM

December 2003
Critical Review of Reading Models and Theories in First and Second Language An article for an academic publication (National Level)Jurnal Kemanusiaan, 2003 FPPSM, UTM

Salbiah Seliman, Zaidah Zainal Hadina Habil, Tina Abdullah, Fauziah Ismail, Abdul Rahim Salam & Zairus Norsiah Azahar (2007) English Communication For Learners In Engineering. Pearson/Prentice Hall


Zaidah Zainal & Faizah Mohamad Nor (Eds.)(2008). Reading in a Second Language: The Malaysia Context. UPENA

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Zaidah Zainal & Noor Abidah Omar (Eds.) (2008). English Language Teaching: A Way Forward. Penerbit UTM Press.


Zaidah Zainal (2008). The effects of background knowledge on reading comprehension of tertiary level students.In Zaidah Zainal & Faizah Mohamad Nor (Eds.)(2008). Reading in a Second Language: The Malaysia Context. UPENA

Zaidah Zainal (2008). The Relationship between Reading Comprehension and Strategies of Readers: A Case Study of UTM Students. In Noor Abidah Mohd Omar & Zaidah Zainal (Eds.) (2008).Research in English Language Teaching. Penerbit UTM Press.

Zaidah Zainal (2008). The Comparative Effect of Language Used in Recall Protocol in Reading Comprehension. In Noor Abidah Mohd Omar & Zaidah Zainal (Eds.) (2008). Research in English Language Teaching. Penerbit UTM Press.

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2012- Present
Editors: Zaidah Zainal (Chief Editor), Faizah Mohamad Nor, Hadina Habil, Hanita Hassan, Nur Aireen Ibrahim


Faizah Mohamad Nor (*) Nurliyana Ismail, Zaidah Zainal and Zanariah Md Saleh, “Factors attributing to lack of reading motivation”, Paper presented at the CONEST 9th Conference. Organized by Universitas Katolik Atma Jaya, Jakarta, Indonesia, 29-30 Nov 2012

Faizah Mohamad Nor, (*), Nurliyana Ismail, Zaidah Zainal and Zanariah Md Saleh (2012). “Reading Motivation of Second Language Learners”. Paper presented at the INTED 2012 (6th International Technology, Education and Development) Conference. Organized by International Association of Technology, Education and Development (IATED). Valencia, Spain. 5-7 March 2012

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