Industrial collaboration – CLM

Tough it was Saturday (July 06 2019), I went to KL with the Director of IBD to discuss on potential collaborative work with CLM. Maybe some knows this company, it’s Chris Leong Method (bone specialist) that utilizes Tit Tar method to treat bone/joints.

We went to the branch in Mid Valley via Malindo Air. I must say; this is the first time I used Malindo Air and fly with propeller type airplane 🙂

Anyway, the discussion went well. Beyond well actually as the owner, Dato’ Seri Dr. Chris Leong agreed to collaborate with us via IBD, UTM for a 12 months project. A 50% check for the total amount of the work was also presented to us on the same day before we head back to JB. It was well worth spending half a day discussing and finding an agreement that satisfy both parties.


Viva voce-Mei Ling’s

Yesterday (May 28th 2019), my 3rd phD student Mei Ling had her viva. It was rather challenging to have a viva during fasting month. The external arrived late the night before and had a problem with Scholars Inn not providing sahur. Luckily everything went smooth, the viva ended at around 11:05 am. One of the quickest I have attended. Thank you to Prof Dr Nor Aini Shukor from UPM for attending and the fruitful comments to improve Mei Ling’s thesis, the same goes for the internal, PM Dr Saleh. Thank you goes all around to the chairperson, assistant chairperson & co-supervisor as well

Now it’s time for her to correct her thesis and then after Raya, the celebration of her passing her viva 🙂

PG Student Award & 62nd Convo 2019

There’s always a first time to everything & mixed mode students were celebrated for the 1st time at the Postgraduate Student Award hosted by SPS at Pulai Spring Resort on April 28th 2019. Though this is the 4th time my mixed mode student got an award (which was usually held at faculty’s level only), I am proud nonetheless 🙂 Congrats Heera! Let’s hope this event will be an inspiration to other students from ZRlab; both mixed mode and research.


Congrats to Kar Yern as well (our ICBME co-traveller). Well done both of you!


And, of course, congrats to Heera on her convocation the next day, April 29th 2019.

ICBME 2019

A rather late entry but 2nd ICBME 2019 was held in Bali from April 11-12th 2019. First time ever, bringing 4 students along and presenting all current research at the conference! Bravo all my students!

In actual, I played “mother” to 2 other students too 🙂

From left to right, top to bottom, each student present their current/previous research according to the schedule; Heera, Mei Ling, Zetty, Punita & I presented Akmal’s work

Then off we went for some sightseeing. Maybe this kind of activities (outdoor get together) should be done every year



Undergraduate Research Program (UGRP)

This program was held at T02 just now, with the hope to encourage students as early as in their 1st year to be involved and experience research at departmental level. There was a pitching slot for lecturers a.k.a researchers who wanted to offer UGRP projects suitable for the students. It was fun to pitch in along with the other colleagues, also as a refresher of what everyone’s research is currently about.

My apologies for exiting the program earlier yesterday as I was meeting a supplier. Any student interested in my slide or the projects I’m offering, please have a look at the slide below & further information on the projects (I’m offering 2 projects). Some information I didn’t give yesterday (as I thought we really only have 5 minutes!) is; my field is Plant Molecular Biology & Proteomics, you could have a look at my biography on the left side under Profile. I was previously working as a research officer at MPOB so to some of my students, when I teach it was different because I always relate it to my research experience. As I was from the industry, the culture in my lab is that “you give back” or “pay it forward”; I was trained to help others in research and the culture is the practice in my lab with my PG students always helping the juniors (PhD to Masters or PhD&Masters to FYP or interns). We have monthly meeting to update on everyone’s progress and also to catch up socially. If you would like to join my lab, email me 🙂


Research Mentor Name: Dr Zaidah Rahmat

Availability: (Start date – End date)  May 2019 – April 2021

Research area (please select one):  * Cells and Molecular Biology

Project Title: Functional Gene and Protein Activities

Project Description: We are focusing on gene transcript and protein to find out the regulation of gene expression up to protein level. Numerous proteins with potential in various industries were uncovered from previous protein profiling of several medicinal plants. Hence, we adopt a backward approach to isolate the gene of the identified protein to enable our study and to ensure abundance of protein of interests via construction of fusion protein. The target proteins and genes are those of medicinal as well as industrial value.

Role: Isolation of gene via PCR, cloning of gene into intermediate vector, construction of fusion protein, protein purification and in vitro assays for analysis of bioactivities

Benefits: Hands on experience on molecular biology, protein work and basic bioinformatics beneficial for student’s FYP and future endeavor in research

Prerequisites (if any): None but should be willing to work with plant

Relevant URL (if applicable):



FS Science Week-January 22nd 2019

FS Science week kicked off last Thursday (Jan 17th) with talks on international grants. This week, it starts off with interesting talks yesterday on research conduct, IP protection, IR 4.0 followed by afternoon talks on UTM Publication and Impactful Article Writing.

VC New Year Engagement

It was a crowd pulling event yesterday morning for VC’s new year engagement.

DSI was packed

Viva voce-Heera

The first viva in the new year starts off with Heera’s (Wednesday, January 16th 2019). As per requirement by FS, the supervisor’s attendance in the viva is compulsory even for a master by mixed mode. This is new for us from Bioscience as it wasn’t compulsory previously & the supervisor usually opted to not attending a student’s viva. The conduct was also similar to master by research; no time limit for defense. What an experience as I’ve also never been to my own students (master by mixed mode) viva before and Heera is my 8th student from the programme. Congrats Heera on your viva!

And, as per usual with ZR lab’s tradition, we had a little celebratory lunch later on (little as in some other students are not there since this is still sem break)

Viva voce-Sulaiman’s

Last Sunday, Dec 9th 2018; Sulaiman had his viva-voce. Wasn’t all that bad and did not take too long as well. Though he has a lot of corrections to do; both examiners were kind enough to help him out. Or else he may have to go back to the lab for more work. Thank you to Prof Mohd Rafii from UPM (external), AP Dr Salehhuddin Hamdan (internal), Prof Wan Aini Wan Ibrahim (chairman) and Dr Farizal (asst chair) for the viva. I believe it is a valuable life experience to my student as well as me as the supervisor and Dr Azman as co-supervisor. Next step is the correction phase and hopefully everything will be well.

UTM Thesis Guideline

There’s a new guideline on how to write UTM thesis plus its format. Would be beneficial for all students and supervisors alike. Follow the link given to download

or click on the top on my blog under UTM thesis guideline 2018 & you can get the file straightaway.