VC New Year Engagement

It was a crowd pulling event yesterday morning for VC's new year engagement. DSI was packed … [Continue reading]

Viva voce-Heera

The first viva in the new year starts off with Heera's (Wednesday, January 16th 2019). As per requirement by FS, the supervisor's attendance in the viva is compulsory even for a master by mixed mode. This is new for us from Bioscience as it wasn't … [Continue reading]

Viva voce-Sulaiman’s

Last Sunday, Dec 9th 2018; Sulaiman had his viva-voce. Wasn't all that bad and did not take too long as well. Though he has a lot of corrections to do; both examiners were kind enough to help him out. Or else he may have to go back to the lab for … [Continue reading]

UTM Thesis Guideline

There's a new guideline on how to write UTM thesis plus its format. Would be beneficial for all students and supervisors alike. Follow the link given to download or click on the top on my blog under UTM … [Continue reading]

Lectures for new sem

My lectures officially start today since Sunday was a holiday. Got an MMBT 1153 class 8-10 am followed by SMBB 4713 from 10 am - 12 pm. Luckily, today is the icebreaking session especially for MMBT class since there was only 9 students and the … [Continue reading]

New UG students 20182019 session

New UG students register into UTM last Monday and this morning starting from 8:30 am they were briefed by the Dean of FS on UTM and the faculty itself followed by detailed explanation from PM DR Fadhilah Yusof on UG academic regulations. It was later … [Continue reading]

Biotic Farming and Urban Farming

Yesterday, September 4th 2018; 4 of my PG students and I went to ICA Pagoh, UTM for a short workshop on The future of Agriculture: Biotic Farming and Urban Farming. I meant short because it was only for 2 hours yet the workshop was very informative … [Continue reading]


This is rather off topic from any academic or research interest.  I just wanted to lament on the perspective of one's conscience. At 0612 this morning, a motorcycle rammed into the back of my car. How can I be so precise on the time? I had stopped on … [Continue reading]

Viva voce-Fifi’s

Alhamdulillah, the long awaiting viva voce for Fifi was held on July 19th. We waited since April for that (huge sigh of relief!) since she submitted in late January. Anyways, thanks to the external from UKM (not present), Dr Fazilah as internal and … [Continue reading]

2nd International Conference on Biosciences & Medical Engineering (ICBME 2019), April 11-12 2019, BALI, INDONESIA

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I would like to invite everyone to participate in the 2nd International Conference on Biosciences & Medical Engineering (ICBME 2019) that will be held from April 11-12 2019 in Bali, Indonesia. The venue of … [Continue reading]