Public Lecture ALIR – 3Ws: Water, Wealth & Wisdom, IYC 2011, Senate Room, Level  5  Chancellery Building, UKM Bangi,  Selangor MALAYSIA, May 6, 2011.

Abstrak: Syarahan Umum ALIR – 3Ws: Water, Wealth & Wisdom, Sempena IYC 2011, Bilik Senat, Aras 5  Bangunan Canselori,  UKM Bangi,  Selangor MALAYSIA, 6 Mei 2011.


“3Ws: Water, Wealth, Wisdom”

This lecture gives a new perspective of the nature, function and management of water and the water industry to modern society after the Fukushima plant nuclear tragedy.  Water cannot be regarded as merely a source of drinking, treatment and irrigation but it is also a source of wealth and economic sustainability.

The development of current water science and technology could address water crisis in a more effective and productive manner irrespective of geographical borders or socio-economic status.

From a holistic perspective, knowledge and ability to manage water can also enhance interest and commitment toward sustainability.