2021 Day 175 Task – Corrected & Improved HTGYE Book Chapter

It’s a beautiful Friday and I published this post in the morning from the patio at my house. I worked on the correction for HTGYE Book chapter and I managed to make improvement for my Chapt – Chapter 7. I have submitted it to our Leader of the Author and I felt really great that I have completed my first task for the day. I hope the new addition of content I embed just now will be a good one and be useful for jobseekers out there.

Well, there are still plenty of tasks that I have listed for today. Among them are the ones listed below.

Other highlighted tasks of the day.

  • Check Paper ECM
  • Check paper MATR
  • SEEM Meeting (3-5pm)
  • Improve my CV
  • CEE Coffee Table Book
  • Edit Video

2021 Day 174 Task – SEEM Visibility and Networking Committee Meeting

Under The Society of Engineering Educators Malaysia (SEEM), I am the head of the Visibility and Networking Committee. We have not had a meeting yet and I just realized this morning that we need to present activities for our committee. Immediately I created a new Whatsapp group to gather all 4 committee members, which are me, Dr. Salah from UPM, Dr. Nazatul from UM and Dr. Azlina from UiTM. We managed to had a 1 hour meeting that started at 2.30pm and came out with quite a number of detailed plan activities.

I am happy working with the new team which is from 4 different universities. It is like breathing fresh air. Getting new ideas, new dimension and new perspective.

Oh by the way, I submitted the correction for BCREC journal proof that Nazlina has completed and Alhamdulillah, the manuscript has now been published online. Feel free to download the paper here.

Other highlighted tasks of the day:

  • Prepared new outline for Engineering Identity paper
  • Listed and updated all my journal paper so I can keep track of all of them
  • Submitted safety Noise paper to Safety Science – at 1.40am.
  • Subcommittee SEEM meeting: 2.30pm-3.30pm
  • Week 8 SCEE RAE meeting: 5pm – 7pm
  • Plant Design Project meeting: 9pm – 10pm
  • Checked master student progress.
  • Prepared watermark for final exam paper.


As my name was listed in the official invitation, despite of my hectic schedule, I attended the above mentioned training (9am-1pm) that was conducted by Dr. Norah Md. Noor. Thanks UTMLead for the invitation. I learned quite a few interesting things about the assessment and evaluation of learning. Not sure what is ODL, check this link.

In lecture classrooms, evaluation of student learning is generally based on objective tests. However, objective tests may not be appropriate if an instruction is more broad-based than merely dispensing information, such as writing-across-the-curriculum endeavours, project-based instruction, or online dialogues that promote active student learning and higher-level thinking skills (Sternberg, 1994). For open and distance learning the limitations of conventional assessment should be overcome by a new paradigm for assessment design in online learning. This workshop will explain the approaches of suitable assessment for open and distance learning and how to design an assessment that is aligned with course learning outcome. Participants will also be introduced to some online tools to handle the online assessment.

Padlet tasks during the course.

Reference: Sternberg, R. J. “Diversifying Instruction and Assessment.” The Educational Forum, 1994, 59 (1), 47–52.

I attached some of the important screen shots from the training. For more information, please get in touch with UTM Lead UTM. Enjoy!

Other highlighted tasks of the day.

  • RMC management matter.
  • Correction of HTGYE book chapter – Chapter 7.
  • Checking of Noise Safety Paper

2021 Day 172 Task – Addressing the Challenges of Design Optimization for the A&D Industry Talk

Many things happened today. Some of it was stressful involving the conference that I lead, but Alhamdulillah I managed to absorb the pressure, stay composed and perhaps solve the problem with the help of many kind hearted people. Amazingly, I managed to find out how to appoint a new Chair for the Easychair conference system, which before this I honestly have no idea at all.

Today I also signed the agreement for the conference proceeding, after going through the details of the documents.

Oh yes.. I also conducted a briefing to Statik lecturer’s on how to write scholarly practice engineering education paper in the morning.

At night, 10pm I attended the Addressing the Challenges of Design Optimization for the A&D Industry Talk conducted by Ansys company.

Oh after I listed all, I realized that as a person who have to divide his mind to multiple work scope and responsibilities, I must stay calm, stay compose and be on solution mode when I come across difficult unfavorable situation.

Other highlighted tasks of the day.

  • Signed Conference Proceeding Agreement
  • Verified PA pre-registration course.
  • Followed up on the IOP agreement.
  • Undergo Week 8 SCEE RAE training (up till activity 8.14)
  • Checked progress of my PSM and Masters student.
  • Study EI paper

2021 Day 171 Task – PhD Engineering Education is still Relevant

Of all the tasks that I have today, the sudden email from the deputy dean Academic of Engineering Faculty surprised me. It is because of the new consolidation program of the PhD program for Engineering Education specifically, and also other PhD and Master philosophy program that are offered in UTM. Luckily after a few phone calls, few whatsapp messages, I became clear of the higher purpose. Well, there’s no need to elaborate on this matter. Bottom line is that everything has been sorted out. Alhamdulillah

Other highlighted tasks of the day.

  • Verified PA pre-registration course.
  • Followed up on the IOP agreement.
  • Undergo Week 8 SCEE RAE training (up till activity 8.4)
  • Checked progress of my PSM and Masters student.
  • Study EI paper

2021 Day 170 Task – Edited and Submitted Extended Abstract to RCEE2021

I spent quite some time to integrate, edit and package the content provided by co-authors for our Extended Abstract that was just now submitted to RCEE2021. Alhamdulillah I managed to compressed the extended abstract into 2 pages, which was very tough to do. Earlier today, I conducted the last class for our Master’s Safety and Health in Chemical Industries (MKKK1653). It was a very small class for this year, only 3 students, but they were all very committed and I loved them.

Other Highlighted Tasks for the Day:

  • Followed up on certain committees for RCEE2021.
  • Last class for Safety and Health in Chemical Industries Master program.
  • Compiled and sent progress proposal correction of my EER PhD student.
  • Planned for CEE ARO interview.
  • Filled up Student Progress report for one of my PG student in GSMS.
  • Checked turnitin score of papers prepared by my student on Turnitin.

2021 Day 169 Task – Checked Noise Safety Paper

My main task today is to check and comment for improvement the draft of Noise Safety Paper. I really appreciate the effort by Shams and Eliya to work on the paper, as well as the main Master student, Ashyraf, who work on this project for 1 year 2 years ago. The paper is in good shape but I still need to make it better and add more quality in it.

Yes, this is also part of my study since I am also touching Master safety course area a little bit. My previous Master Safety student, Ainul managed to published a noise safety paper in Safety Science (shown above) and that made me grateful and proud at the same time since it was not initially my forte area, but yeahhh we managed to published in there. So, lets try it again.. InsyaAllah.

2021 Day 168 Task – Code Book Development Consortium Meeting

Just after Subuh, I received a Whatsapp message about a meeting that will be held at 9am on a Friday which is our weekend break. The meeting was about discussions on document analysis and codebook development, which is for the High Consortium Ministry project involving UTM – UPM and UTHM. It was in this meeting that the Concept Map (CMap) was re-introduced to me again. I began to develop the interest of this CMap thingy, that is by using CMap Tool – Can be downloaded free ~ and if you kind enough, there’s a donation button of $10, which you can contribute to them.

Before this, somewhere end of last year, we already had a webminar about CMap, but that time I was a bit distracted and could not focus because doing other activities at that time.

2021 Day 167 Task – Theory of Change Presentation in SCEE RAE Weekly Presentation

As usual multiple tasks were conducted today. One of the main task for the day was to prepare slide presentation for our Weekly Task titled Theory of Change. This is part of our task in the Safety Champion in Engineering Education (SCEE) under the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE) fellowship project.

Other highlighted Tasks of the day:

  • Checked / commented on my Masters student progress.
  • Claim IJET halfway done – include UTMFin
  • Checked ECM paper.

2021 Day 166 Task – Micro-Credential Course Development Workshop

To be frank, there are 2 days back to back event that I wanted to participate since yesterday, which is OFIC2021 and also the Micro-Credential Course Development Workshop – both of which takes place whole day yesterday and today. I had to attend the Micro-Credential Course, and luckily I can get the recording session for OFIC 2021 from the organizer.

Other highlighted tasks of the day:

  • Checked some of my master student progress.
  • Academic Advisor – pre registration matter.
  • Communicated with CERD Editor on the possibility to submit article there.
  • SCEE RAE Program Week 7 meeting with team @ 5pm.
  • CEO #07 meeting @ 9pm.
  • Corrected final exam paper as instructed by Head of Department.