International Research

Research Interest: Surface modification by Ion Irradiation Technique, Graphene Synthesis, Carbon Nanotubes/Nanofibers Synthesis, Field Electron Emisison Related Application, In Situ Research Works, Carbon Nanostructured based Electronics, Graphene nanocomposite as light and flexible conductive polymer.


Mar 2015

Nanotechnology Platform

Fundamental Studies of Low Dimension of Carbon Nanomaterials under In Situ TEM.

Mar 2014

Apr 2013

Research Fellow

Development of Innovative Carbon Nanotube Composite Materials for a Low Carbon Emission Society Project for Basic Research and Development of Graphene R&D of Single Crystal Graphenes by Camphor, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) Japan Grant, led by Prof. Umeno Masayoshi Chubu University, Aichi, Japan.

Mar 2013

Apr 2012

Research Assistant

Development of Transparent Flexible Display, Grants-in-Aid for Research Scientific (KAKEN), led by Prof. Masaki Tanemura.

Mar 2012

Jul 2011

Research Assistant

Crystallization structure control of Metal Composite Nanocarbon, Nagoya Institute of Technology Research Grant, led by Prof. Masaki Tanemura.

Feb 2011

Jul 2010

Research Assistant

Presice Structural Analysis of Nanomaterials Fabricated by Ion Irradiation Method at Room Temperature, Joint-Research Grant Wakasa-wan Research Center and Nagoya Institute of Technology.