Engagement with DVCRI

Today I attended an engagement session with our Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation).

Workshop on 21st Century Learning

On 14-15th January 2020 I attended a workshop on active learning organized by UTMLead. The workshop was facilitated by Prof. Dr. Khairiyah and Dr. Syed Ahmad Helmi.

Happy New Year 2020

Wishing you all a prosperous year 2020. My new year resolution is to keep a healthy lifestyle and be less stressful.

  • Exercise 30min x 4 times/week
  • Eat less sugar (limit sugary drinks to 3 cups/week)
  • Finish tasks early, no procrastination
  • Write at least 300 words/day
  • Read one book/month

What is your new year’s resolution?

Engagement with the Dean of Faculty of Engineering UTM

Majlis Sambutan Hari Raya FKT 2017

Majlis diadakan pada 11 Julai 2017, bertempat di Dewan Bankuet UTM.

‘Get Chartered’ Talk IChemE

Attended ‘Get Chartered’ talk by Mr. Mohan Balasingam, Regional Manager (Southeast Asia), IChemE which was held on 15th May 2017.

IBCEx 2017

The 3rd IBCEx (International Biotechnology Competition and Exhibition) was successfully conducted on 15th April 2017.
Congratulations BIOSS for organizing such a successful event and see you again next year!

Juries for the competition, from UTM, UTHM, UPM, UKM and UiTM.

Wikipedia article of the day for April 8, 2016

The Wikipedia article of the day for April 8, 2016 is Calostoma cinnabarinum.
Calostoma cinnabarinum is a species of gasteroid fungus in the family Sclerodermataceae. Commonly called the stalked puffball-in-aspic or gelatinous stalked puffball, it is the species most commonly associated with genus Calostoma. The fruit body has a layer of yellowish jelly surrounding a spherical bright red head atop a spongy red or yellowish brown stalk. The innermost layer of the head, called the gleba, contains clear or slightly yellowish elliptical spores. The spore surface features a pattern of small pits, producing a net-like appearance. In eastern North America, Central America, northeastern South America, and East Asia, it grows on the ground in deciduous forests, where it forms a symbiotic relationship with oak roots. Despite its appearance and common name, C. cinnabarinum is not related to some other stalked puffballs, true puffballs, earthstars, or stinkhorns, though during its complex taxonomic history it has at various times been confused with each of those groups. It is typically considered inedible, but is eaten or used in folk medicine in some areas.

Sleeping for Two | The Scientist Magazine®

An interesting article on the importance of good quality sleep for pregnant females.

Poor slumber during pregnancy may have consequences beyond gestation.

Masters/PhD Vacancy: Closed

I’m looking for a Masters or PhD (full research) candidate to work on the following topic at the Faculty of Chemical & Energy Engineering, UTM Skudai.

“Metabolite profiling of engineered E.coli producing xylitol”

-background in Biochemistry/Biotechnology/Bioprocess/Chemical Engineering or any related science or engineering field (min CGPA 3.00).
-interested to work in a multidisciplinary area. This work will involve cell culture, analytical chemistry, cell biology, statistics and/or bioinformatics.
-strong research and analytical skills.

Student will be funded RM1300-RM1500 (MSc) or RM1800-2000 (PhD) per month, with an opportunity for a short-term overseas attachment.
For details and application, please contact Dr Zanariah (zanariahhashim@utm.my).

Thank you.