Biotech for Engineers

Our last Biotechnology for Engineer class (MKKB/MKKK 1103) for the semester. This year we had a good mixture of students with various backgrounds. All the best for your final exams!

SKTB 1023 Project 2 – Waste to Wealth

Congratulations SKTB 1023 students session 20192020-1 for amazing Project 2 presentation. This year we did a poster presentation and each group came up with prototype. The winners:

1) The Crazy Herd -Bioplastic from banana peels

2) SLAY -paperwood

3) Fantastic 5 -face and body scrub from papaya peel

Special aspiring award: High 5 -banana peel healthy chips

Well done guys!

SKTB 1023 Project 1 (Microplastics)

We had our Project 1 presentation on 13 November 2019. Well done everyone!

Announcement: Test 1 [SKKB 4823 Biotechnology]

Dear students,

Test 1 will be conducted on 12 Apr 2016 (Tue) at our classroom (DP1, N29) from 2:00pm to 3:30pm.

This test will cover Chapters 1-5. You are not allowed to use any references during the test.

Good luck!


SKKB 4823 Biotechnology Class (Mar 8, 2016)

Group activity:

Foods resulting from genetically modified plants have already been introduced into the food supply in some countries, including the United States and those in Europe. But not everyone thinks these foods are safe. You’ve been appointed to research and report to a special Food and Drug Administration board about these foods. Find out all you can and then decided for yourself: Are genetically modified foods safe?

[Download worksheet]

Group 1:

2016-03-08 15.15.30

Group 2:

2016-03-08 15.21.39

Group 3:

2016-03-08 15.26.27

Group 4:

2016-03-08 15.34.18