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Systematic Literature Review Workshop

I conducted SLR workshop with LA staff & post graduate students. There about 10 participants. Alhamdulillah all went well.. Hope the workshop benefits those who attended.. 

USR project

This is an annual program that we normally do during Ramadhan. May we have a blessed one this year. 

Students’ Poster Presentation

Good job from my students.. ULAB 2122.

Web 2.0 for Teaching and Learning: Social Media

I attended Web 2.0  for teaching and learning that introduced me to different types of social media for teaching and learning. I s an enjoyable experience. Writing a blog has always been in my wish list but I never have the opportunity to learn and do it. This is it… welcome to my new blog…

My quick status post

Tuesday Blues…

My quick status post

happy working people…

Hello world!

Welcome to my post……and read…

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