The power of Geomatic Engineering Technology in Biospeleological Studies

 The latest technology in the field of Geomatics Engineering, known as Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) has significantly improved the work processes of biospeleologist in the study of bats population and species identification inside the cave. These new findings were published in the NATURE Scientific Journal.


Recording Accidents and Homicides using Geomatics Technology

Task of recording road accidents and homicide scenes can be done quickly and accurately through Geomatics Technology.  Full trust given to the calibrated camera to record the cases with high resolution … [Continue reading]

Improving Asset Management in Buildings with 3D Technology

The 3D model of indoor assets produced by new Geomatic Engineering technology rejuvenated in strengthening the work of the asset management.  The new technology known as Terrestrial Laser Scanner is able to capture 3D spatial data of assets in few … [Continue reading]

World’s First Geomatic-Based Security Camera System

Latest surveillance industry shows the world's first novel security cameras combined with Geomatics Technology. Combinations of these two technologies make the security camera capable of recording crime scenes and identify the suspect in a short time … [Continue reading]