Chairmanship/Committee/ Major Tasks

  1. Head of Domain for Natural Science and Heritage Cluster of the Reseach Grant (FRGS, PRGS) under the Ministry of Education Malaysia.  Jan 2019-Dec 2019
  2. Evaluation Panel for FRGS, PRGS, TRGS and LRGS research grants under the Ministry of Education Malaysia. Jan 2019-Dec 2019
  3. UTM Principal Investigator and Project Leader, Research Collaboration between National Tsing-Hua of Taiwan and UTM under the Innovation Center for Clean Water and Sustainable Energy (WISE)  Nov 2018 to Oct 2021.
  4. Organising Chairman, 4th International Conference on Water Resources (ICWR-2018). 27&28 Nov. 2018. Langkawi, Malaysia
  5. Committee member of TC21: Transdisciplinary Approach (TDA) for Building Societal Resilience to Disaster of Asian Civil Engineering Coordinating Council (ACECC). Since Mac 2019
  6. Organizing Chairman, Second International Conference on Flood Catastrophes in Changing Environment. Kuala Lumpur, 15&16 Nov 2018
  7. Deputy Chairman, Indonesia &  Malaysia Research Collaboration (I’M RC) and Networking under MRUN/MoE. (Aug 2018- Feb2019)
  8. Chairman, JK Research Alliance Allingment with Synergy 4.0 UTM
  9. Chairman and Evaluation Panel  of the  Long Term Research Grant (LRGS) under the Ministry of Education , 5-7 Jun 2018
  10. Head of Cluster for Natural Science and Heritage Cluster of  the Fundamental Reseach Grant  under the Ministry of Higher Education. April 2018
  11. Chairman, Working Group Committee on Research  CREAM/MAMPAN/CIDB Research Project (since Nov 2017)
  12. Chairman, JK Pra-JITU UTM, Jun- Dec 2017.
  13. Chairman, JK Penyediaan Polisi Penyelidikan dan Pembangunan UTM, Jan-Dec 2017
  14. Organizing Committee and Event Manager, Johor Water Leader Forum,  Mutiara Hotel, Johor Bahru. 2&3 Oct 2017.
  15. Organizing Chairman, Simposium Kelestarian Air Negeri Johor. KSL, Johor Bahru. 7&8 July 2017
  16. Head of Cluster, Natural Heritage and Environment for Fundamental Researh Grant under the Ministry of Education Malaysia/ Ministry of Higher Education (Since Feb 2016)
  17. Organizing Chairman, International Conference on Flood Catastrophes in Changing Environment. Kuala Lumpur, 15&16 Nov 2016
  18. Organizing Chairman, Persidangan Kajian Banjir 2014, at Pullman Hotel Putrajaya 4-6 Apr 2016. Duration: Oct 2015 – May 2016
  19. Program Chairman of the National Research Grant on Flood Disaster 2014 from the Ministry of Education (RM 20 million), Jan – Dec 2015.
  20. Chairman of the Technical Committee on publication, Water Malaysia 2015 Conference and Exhibition, KLCC 23 -25 April 2015.
  21. Organizing Chairman, The First National Conference on Nonpoint Sources Pollution. 14&15 May 2014, Kuala Lumpur.
  22. Organizing Chairman, 2nd International Water Association (IWA)- Young Water Professional Workshop. May 2015.
  23. Chairman, Akademi Sains Malaysia’s Task Force on Water Supply and wastewater (Jul 2012-Jun 2013)
  24. Organizing Chairman, 2nd International Water Association (IWA)-UTM International Publication Workshop. 12- 18 January 2013.
  25. Organizing Chairman of the 2nd Water Awareness Program in conjunction with Inter-varsity Boat Race, Putrajaya.  12& 13 Oct 2012
  26. Organizing Chairman, Workshop on Consensus Building for Environmental Sustainability. 23 & 24 May. 2012
  27. Organizing Chairman, 1st IWA-UTM International Publication Workshop. 18-24 March 2012
  28. Organizing Chairman, Kem Pemimpin Muda Sumber Air Negeri Pahang. At Tasik Chini Resort, 23-25 Mac 2011..
  29. Organizing Chairman, Roundtable Dialogue on Water has no Value. 28 Oct 2011
  30. Organizing Chairman, Water Awareness Program in conjunction with Inter-varsity Boat Race,  Putrajaya,  25 &26 Oct 2010
  31. Organizing Chairman, Sustainable Water Awareness Camp for School Children in Sarawak, Kampung Sukan PETRONAS, Miri, Sarawak. 7-9 April 2009.
  32. Organizing Chairman of Postgraduate Seminar on Water Sustainability, UTM Skudai, 20 January 2010
  33. Organizing Chairman, the 1st Young Water Professionals Conference, IWA YWP 2010, 1-4 Mar 2010
  34. Member, UTM’s Carbon Footprint Committee. 2010.
  35. Organizing Chairman, International Conference on Environment Management and Technology (ICEMAT), Kuala Lumpur, 3&4 Dec 2008
  36. Organizing Chairman, National Environmental Awareness Program for School Children under Malaysian National Commission for UNESCO, at Hutan Bakau Larut Matang and Langkawi Geoaprk, 4-10 May 2008
  37. Organizing Chairman, Malam Puisi Alam in Conjunction with National World Water Day, Kuala Terengganu, 13 April 2007
  38. Organizing Committee/Advisor, Water Awareness Camp to School Children in Terengganu in Conjunction with National World Water Day, 11-13 April 2007
  39. Organizing Chairman, Innovative Approach for Sustainable Water Resources Management, Kuala Lumpur, 13&14 March 2007
  40. Organizing Chairman, Kem Pengurusan Air Secara Mampan untuk Pelajar-Pelajar Sekolah Menengah Negeri Perlis. Tasik Melati Kangar, 22&23 Apr 2006.
  41. National Committee, World Water Day Celebration. March 2006.
  42. Organizing Committee, National Conference Water for Sustainable Development towards a Developed Nation by 2020. Mar- Dec 2005
  43. Secretary, National Committee River Expedition Program 2005 (NARIN’05). Nov- 2004 – Sep 2005
  44. Advisor & Chairman for UTM Committee. National River Expedition NARIN ’05 . Jan – Sep 2005.
  45. Chairman, Workshop on Journal Article Review, Faculty of Ciivil Engineering, 7 Dis 2005
  46. Organizing Chairman, Water Resources Management Course, UTM/MHS, Dec 6&7, 2004
  47. Organizing Chairman, River Quality Modelling Course using QUAL2E 23&24 Mar 2003
  48. Adviser, Berita FKA, UTM Feb 2002- Dec 2003
  49. Organizing Chairman, Intensive Course in Hydrology organized by IHP/UTM Sep 2002
  50. Organizing Chairman, Workshop I – The Study on Pollution Prevention and Water Quality Improvement of Sungai Tebrau and Sungai Segget, Johor. Organised by UTM and the Department of Environment,  Johor Bahru, 8&9 Mac 2002
  51. Organizing Chairman, Workshop II – The Study on Pollution Prevention and Water Quality Improvement of Sungai Tebrau and Sungai Segget, Johor. Organised by UTM & DOE, Johor Bahru, Dec 2002
  52. Organizing Committee, National Seminar on Pollution Prevention and Water Quality Improvement of Sungai Tebrau and Sungai Segget, Johore. Organised by IPASA/UTM
  53. Coordinator Purchasing Committee (Fundamental Research) under Islamic Development Bank grant for Faculty of Civil Engineering (2002-2004)
  54. National Chairman of the Education, Training and Public Information Committee of the Malaysian International Hydrology Program (MIHP) (2001 – 2012 ).
  55. Chairman and Editor in Chief, Working Committee for the preparation of Annual Report year 2000 the Faculty of Civil Engineering, UTM Organizing Committee, International Water Association Conference at PWTC, KL, Oct 2001
  56. Editor, Civil Engineering Bulletin, Faculty of Civil Engineering, UTM, 2001&2002
  57. Member, Organising Committee on The Regional Conference on Hydrology  and Environment of Small Islands, Tioman Island, Malaysia, 29 – 31  May 2000. Organised by UTM/IHP
  58. Organizing Chairman, National Seminar on Forest and Water, FRIM, Kepong. 31 Mar & 1 Apr 1999.
  59. Organizing Committee, Workshop IV on Impact of Logging in Muda/Pedu Catchment. Apr 1998
  60. Member, Environmental Audit Committee for New England Energy System (NEES)/Innoprise Corporation Sdn. Bhd. Reduced Impact Logging (RIL). Aug 1998.
  61. Head, Research Committee on Hydrological Impact of Zero Burning for Forest Plantation Establishment. 1997&1999.
  62. Member, Research Committee for Developing a Model Project for Cost Analysis to Achieve Sustainable Forest Management – project under International Tropical Timber Oganization (ITTO), PD31/95 Rev.3 (F) Jan 1997-Dec 2000
  63. Member, FRIM’s MS ISO9000 Committee, 1997-1999
  64. Chairman, for FRIM’ staff in the Council  with the Government for FRIM, 1997&1998
  65. Review Panel, Detail EIA of the Lekir Coastal Development (Land Reclamation and Deep Water Terminal, Mac 1997
  66. Review Panel Detail EIA of the Coastal Reclamation Project at Bagan Datoh, Perak, Jul 1997.
  67. Review Panel Detail EIA for Coastal Land Reclamation Project at Kedah, Darul Aman, Feb 1997.
  68. Organizing Committee, Ministry of Primary Industries’ Green Award, 1997
  69. Member, “Majlis Bersama Kerajaan FRIM”, 1995&1996.
  70. Member, FRIM’s Invention and Innovation Committee, 1994&1995
  71. Member, National Technical Committee International Geosphere-Biosphere Program (IGBP), 1993-1997
  72. Committee Member, International Hydrology Programme (IHP) for Malaysia, 1991-1999
  73. Organizing Committee Regional Seminar on Tropical Forest Hydrology, Sep 1989
  74. Secretary, Working Committee on Land-use Pattern and its Impact on Water Resources in Damanasara Catchment, Selangor, 1988-1990
  75. Member, Working Committee on Sungai Tekam Experimental Basin headed by DID, Malaysia, 1986-1989.