Completed Master by Research as Co-Supervisor

  1. Nurul Azura Ismail (2005) Aggregation Simulation Model of Flow and Rainfall Series. MA 023001 (Co-supervisor)
  2. Hazizi Esa (2014) Influence of cell size on soil loss estimation in universal soil loss equation (USLE) model. (Co-Supervisor)
  3. Norizzati Salleh (2017) Trivariate Copula for Flood Frequency Analysis in Johor River (Co-supervisor)
  4. Nurul Ain Syuhada Abu Bakar (2016) Stormwater runoff and pollutant loading from plantation at tributaries of Sungai Johor. (Co-supervisor).
  5. Asmida Kamaruddin (2017) Stormwater quality and pollutant Loading from selected Catchments in Johor River Basin (Co-Supervisor)