Completed Master by Research as Main Supervisor

  1. Hartini Kasmin (2003) Kesan pembalakan ke atas aliran ribut. MA993037 (Main supervisor)
  2. Chan Chee Hing (2005) Modelling watershed cumulative effects on runoff based on major land uses. MA 033006 (Main supervisor)
  3. Siti Nazahiyah Rahmat (2005) Non-point source pollution from residential and urban catchments. MA 033009  (Main supervisor)
  4. Siti Nurhidayu Abu Bakar (2007) Stormwater quality and pollution loadings from oil palm catchments. MA 033017 (Main supervisor)
  5. Chong Meng Hui (2008) Comparison of Rainfall Runoff Charactersitics and Evapotranspiration in oil palm catchments. MA 043023 (Main supervisor)
  6. Nordila Ahmad (2008) Characterization of convective rainfall in Kelang Valley. (Main supervisor)
  7. Goh Yee Chai (2011) Optimization of Rainfall Observation Network in Kelang Valley. (Main supervisor)
  8. Kharatunissa Mokhtar (2011) Quantification and Modelling of Sediment Loading in Oil Palm Catchment. (Main supervisor)
  9. Suhaila Sahat (2013) Erosion rate from sites of different land cover intensity in oil palm plantation. MA093047 (Main supervisor)
  10. Ahmad Zuhdi Ismail (2015). Effect of Tide on Flood Modelling and Mapping in Kota Tinggi. (Main supervisor)