Completed PhD as Co-supervisor

  1. Tan Mou Leong (2016) Remote Sensing Based Evaluation of Uncertainties on Modelling of Streamflow Affected by Climate Change (Co-Supervisor)
  2. Fahad Salim M. Alahmadi (2016). Flood Modelling of Ungauged Arid Volcanic Environment at Wadi Bathan in Al Madinah (Co-supervisor)
  3. Afzan Hudzori (2017) Optimization model of large scale rainwater harvesting system. (Co-supervisor)
  4. Mohd Khairul Bazli Mohd Aziz (2016) Optimization of raingauges network.
  5. Nur Syereena Nojumuddin (2016) Stochastic generation of hourly rainstorm event
  6. Tan Wei Lun (2016) Space time rainfall modelling using Hiden Markov Model