Completed PhD – As Main Supervisor

  1. Siti Aishah Shamsuddin (2011): Influence of Forest Plantation Establishment on The Hydrological Characteristics In Bukit Tarek Experimental Watershed, Selangor (Main supervisor)
  2. Chow Ming Fai (2011) Quantification and modeling of non-point sources pollution in residential, commercial and industrial catchments. (Main supervisor)
  3. Geoffery Jame Garesu (2013) Partitioning of rainfall and flowpath processes in small oil palm catchments. PA053002 (Main supervisor)
  4. Mohsen Salapour Goodrazi (2014) Flood frequency analysis using bivariate Copula functions. PA 103058 (Main supervisor)
  5. Harisawenni (2014) Rainfall disaggregation using Barlett Lewis Rantangular Pulse model (Main supervisor)
  6. Norbakhiah Baharim (2015). Spatial and temporal variation of water and sediment quality in Semberong Reservoir. (Main supervisor)
  7. Mahadi Lawan Yakubu (2015) Characterization and Forensic Modelling of Road Runoff as a Source of Heavy Metals’ Pollution in Areas. (Main supervisor)
  8. Halinawati Hirol (2016) Meshfree formulation of Kinematic wave for channel flow routing PA0730 (Main supervisor)
  9. Lloyd Ling (2016) Deriving the Initial Abstraction Ratio for Runoff Prediction in Peninsular Malaysia. (Main Supervisor)
  10. Morteza Ferozi (2017) Trend Analysis in Extreme daily and Monthly Rainfall. (Main supervisor)
  11. Ali Hekmat (2017) Isogeometric analysis of depth averaged flow and contaminant transport equations in meandering open channels (Main Supervisor)
  12. Josilva A/L Muniandy (2017) Experimental and Modeling Approach for Quantifying Evapotranspiration and Nutrient losses from Agricultural Plot (Main Supervisor)
  13. Wong Chee Leong (2018) Modelling of large scale hydrological variability in Peninsular Malaysia.
  14. Suraya Romali (2018) Flood damage and risk assessment for urban area in segamat
  15. Nur Suhada Abd rashid (2019). Beaviour of soil water movement under different stage of oil palm trees.
  16. Norhafizi Md Lani (2019) Combining reliability and cost benefit analyses of Rainwater Harvesting System for Commercial Buildings.