Invited Speaker

12 Sep 2019
Invited Speaker at National Conference on Stormwater Management, Organised by Malaysian Stormwater Organization. The Light Hotel, Penang
221 Aug 2019Invited Speaker, Preparing, Writing & Publishing Aricle for Highly Ramked Journal. ITS, Surabaya.
37 Mar 2019Invited Speaker, Bengkel Perkongsian Amalan Terbaik Penilaian Geran FRGS, AKEPT, Sepang. Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia
42 Dec 2018Invited Speaker, Kelestarian Air Negeri Johor, Bengkel Kelestarian Alam Negeri Johor, Organised by Muar Local Authority.
515 Nov 2018Invited Speaker, Conference on Flood Catastrophes in a Changing Environment 2018. 16&17 Nov. Modelling of Historical and Future Floods in Terengganu River Basin.
616 Oct 2018Invited Speaker, Sharing the best practices in the evaluation of FRGS grant, Organised by the Ministry of Eduation, Putrajaya
710 Jul 2018Invited speaker at Konvensyen Pendidikan Kebangsaan Kali Ke 24. Harapan dan Cabaran Pembinaan Generasi Baharu. Subang Jaya, organised by Ministry of Education Malaysia & Gabungan Majlis Guru Besar Malaysia.
85 Mar 2018Invited Speaker. Hydrological Impacts from Climate Change and Landuse Perspective. International Seminar on The Development and Management of Water Resources. Universitas Islam Muhamadiyah Makassar (UNISMUH). 5 Mar
912-14 Oct 2017Invited Resource Person by Global Water Partnership (GWP) (representing South Esat Asian Region) to review Intergrated Water Resources Management ToolBox Teaching Manual. Hohai University, Nanjing China. 12-14 Oct
106 Oct 2017Invited Speaker, Hydrological Impacts of Landuse on Major Flood at National Conference on STI for DRR, UKM, Bangi 5&6 Oct 2017.
1125 Sep 2017Invited Speaker. Water Environment Resource Management in Malaysia: The History and Future of the Japan-Malaysia Research Collaboration. Tsukuba Global Science Week 2017. 25-27 Sep 2017. Tsukiba International Congress centre.
1212 Sep 2017Featured Speaker. Landuse and Climate Change Impact on Water Resourses in Malaysia. 7th IWA-ASPIRE Conference 2017.11 to 14 Sep 2017. KLCC Kuala Lumpur.
137 Aug 2017
Invited Speaker. Simposium Kelestarian Air Negeri Johor, 2017. Potensi Sumber Air Alternatif di Negeri Johor. KSL, Johor Bahru
1424 May 2017Invited speaker at Urban Meteorology and Climate Conference. Prediction of Future Flood for Terengganu River Basin, Malaysia. Organised by Asian Network for Climate Sciene and Tehnology. City Uiversity of Hong Kong. 24&25 May 2017
1522 Mar 2017Invited Speaker: Meteorological and landuse Influence on the 2014 Flood in Malaysia. The 2nd Symposium on JASTIP Disaster Prevention, 22-23 Mar 2017, Kyoto University Uji Campus, Japan
165 Oct 2016Invited Speaker at National Forensic Civil Engineering Seminar 2016. Landuse Impact on Major Flood. Kuala Lumpur
173 Oct 2016Invited Speaker at Preconference Workshop on Geomatic & Spatial Technology, Istana Hotel KL. Flood Modelling
1826 Sep 2016Invited Speaker at Japan Water Forum Communication Lounge: City Development and Water Problem.
1925 Aug 2016Invited Speaker: Water Related Disaster – The Way Forward. Bengkel Input Pakar Tempatan Untuk Pembangunan Pelan Strategik Pusat Kajian Bencana Alam, UMS. UMS, Sabah
2017 Nov 2015Invited Speaker at Johor Water Forum 2015. Sumber Alternatif untuk Kelestarian Pengurusan Air
2102 Nov 2015
Invited speaker for Newton Ungku Omar Project. Pengurusan Banjir di Malaysia. Malaka
2212 Oct 2015Invited Speaker at APN/UNESCO Loss and Damage Assessment Workshop. University of South Pacific, Fiji.
2329 Jul 2015Invited Speaker at International Conference on Disaster Risk Management. Langkawi
2428 May 2015Invited speaker at Dialog Bencana Banjir. Bencana Banjir Besar; Laporan Kajian Forensik. Organized by National Council of Professor, PWTC.
2524 Apr 2015Invited speaker at Water Malaysia 2015. Hydrological Impact of Landuse.
2623 Mar 2015Invited Speaker at International Symposium on Multi-Hazard and Risk 2015. Hydrological and landuse: Influence on the Dec 2014 Kelantan flood. UTM, KL
2727 Feb 2015
Invited Speaker at Workshop on Extreme Weather & Flood: Preliminary Investigation on the Reent Flood in the East Coast of Malaysia. Universiti Malaya, KL.
285 Jan 2015Invited speaker: Watershed Services of forest at Short Course on Valuating Regulating Ecosystem Services in South East Asia by EEPSEA 5-8 January 2015
2921 June 2014Invited Speaker Dialog Utara Majlis Professor Negara. “Air Sumber yang tidak dihargai”. Universiti Utara Malaysia.
3029 Aug 2013Invited speaker: Challenges in upscaling plot results to watershed levels assessment of hydrological impacts. International Symposium on Digital Earth 2013, Kuching, Sarawak. 27-30 Aug
3122 Aug 2013Invited lecture on Hydrology for Non Hydrologist. Asia Core Program under Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science. Universiti Malaya.
323 Jul 2013Invited Speaker. Penmanfaatan Air dalam Tamadun Islam. Muzakarah Pakar Air. Institut Kefahaman Islam. Malaysia
3318 Apr 2013Invited Speaker on Water Sustainability – River Rehabilitation in Developing Countries. International Symposium on Resilience to Climate in Southeast Asia, University of Reading (M’sia)
3427 Nov 2012Invited Speaker on Water Education and Awareness, MyIWRM Forum, Putrajaya
3528 May 2012Invited Speaker: Quantifying Water Demand Management for the Environment. Strategic Consultative II by Akademi Sains Malaysia.
3622 Marc 2011Invited Speaker, ASM’s study Mega science Framework for Water to the Minister of KeTHHA and Chief Secretary of MOSTI
3714 Dec 2011Invited Speaker, Science and Technology Needs for Sustainable Water Resources Management in Malaysia. Training Course for Researchers in Islamic Countries. Akademi Sains Malaysia
3828 Apr 2011Invited Speaker: River Rehabilitation: A Case Study for Sungai Senai, Johor. International Erosion Control Association (IECA) Conference, Kuala Lumpur.
396 Apr 2011
Invited Speaker: Climate Change: Threats to Operators, Water Malaysia Conference and Exhibition, Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia Water Association. 5&6 Apr
4016 Feb 2011Invited Speaker, Challenges and opportunities in water sector in Malaysia. Water@UTM, Kuala Lumpur
412 Dec 2010Invited Speaker, Catchment wide approach for effective control of river pollution. Labuan, Sabah. Organised by LESTARI UKM, UNESSCO-IHP
422 Dec 2010Invited Speaker: Safe water, Healthy life and future challenges. 2 Dec 2010, National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)
431-2 Nov 2010Invited Speaker, Workshop on Developing capacity of Government Officers for the Practical Implementation of Integrated Water resources Management. UKM, Bangi.
4418 May 2010Invited Speaker, Workshop on River Buffer Zone Management in Malaysia. NAHRIM, Serdang
451 Mac 2010Invited Speaker for Pre Conference Workshop on water Management Issues and Application of River Quality Modelling in Integrated Cachment Management. 1 march 200. IWA/MWA/UTM
464 Feb 2010
Invited Speaker, Pengurusan Air Secara Mampan Dalam Konteks Penerokaan Sumber Air Alternatif dan Keseimbangan Alam Sekitar. Simposium Pengurisan air Mampan – Mendepani Krisis Bekalan Air. Majlis Professional Air dan Teknologi Hijau
47Dec 2009Invited Speaker, Asas Fiqh untuk mengukuhkan pelestarian alam sekitar, Johor Bahru
482 Nov 2009Invited Speaker. Non-Point Source Pollution: Time for Stronger Actions. Simposium Pengurusan & Pengauditan Industri Air, Shah Alam 2-3 Nov . Jabatan Audit Negara
4912 Nov 2009Invited Speaker, National Utilities Summit 2009. Title: Catchment Wide Approach for Sustaining Water Resources organised by ASLI
50May 2009Invited Speaker, River rehabilitation. Malaysia Water Conference, KL
51Feb 2008Invited Speaker, International Seminar on Climate Variability, Change and Extreme Weather Events – Towards Enhancing Scientific Understanding of Climate Variability and Climate Change in Maritime Continent, 26-27 February 2008, Bangi
5213 Nov 2007Invited Speaker, Integrated Water Resources Management. Water Management Courses Organised by Badan Kawal Selia Air, Johor
5310 Sept 2007Invited Speaker, Penipisan Ozon: Risiko kepada manusia dan bumi. Kuching, Sarawak. Invited by the Department of Environment.
5417 August 2007Invited Speaker, Pengurusan Sumber Air Mapan. Invited by the Department of Irrigation and Drainage in Conjuction with Water Awareness Camp.
5527 June 2007Invited Speaker, River rehabilitation –case study for Sg. Segget and Tebrau. Short course for staff of the Department of Environment
5628 June 2007Invited Speaker, Integrated River Basin Management. Short course for staff of the Department of Environment
5712 April 2007Invited Speaker, Pegurusan Air Secara Mapan; Realiti dan Cabaran. Kem Kesedaran Pengurusan Air. Kuala Terengganu
585 April 2007Invited Speaker, River Rehabilitation in Wilayah Pembangunan Iskandar – the Way Forward. Presented to Management of United Engineering Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur.
5913-14 March 2007Invited Speaker, Workshop on Innovative Approaches for Sustainable Water Resources Management, Kuala Lumpur
6025 Sept 2006Presentation at Drainage and Irrigation Department on Man-made wetlands
617 Feb 2006Invited Speaker, Upscalling Hydrological Impacts from point to regional scale. National Institute for Environmental Studies, Tsukuba, Japan
627 Dec 2005Invited leture, Reviewing Journal Article: Editor’s Experience. Workshop on Reviewing Journal Article, Pulai Spring, Johor
63Oct 2005Invited Leture, Preparation of Macro-EIA for Forestry. Presentation at Pahang Forestry Department
649&10 August 2005Invited Leture, Lake Classification & Non-Point Source Control at Training Course on Lake Management, UTM KL.
65May 2005Invited Speaker, Non-Point Sources Control. At River Rehabilitation Course at ITS, Surabaya, Indonesia
6619-20 April 2005Invited Speaker, Hydrology and Non-point sources pollution at Specialized Workshop on River Rehabilitation. BATC, KL
6711&12 May 2004Invited Leture, Hydrological consideration for Best Management Practices (BMP) in forestry and plantation. At FELDA Research, Sg Tekam Pahang
686-7 Dec 2004Invited Leture, Integrated Water Resources Management Courses. International Hydrology Program (Malaysia) at UTM, KL
6914 0ct 2004Invited Leture, Pengurusan Sumber Air Secara Mampan. Seminar Pengurusan Air peringkat Sekolah at Sekolah Menengah Aminudin Baki, KL
70May 2004Invited Leture, Statistical Tool for Master and PhD Research. Facilitator SLAB, FKA, UTM
7124 March 2003Invited Leture Introduction to water quality modeling – UTM, KL
72March 2002
Invited Lecture, Application of Evapotranspiration Models. At Intensive Course in Hydrology, UTM, JB
7325-30 March 2002Invited Leture Intensive Course in Hydrology, International Hydrology Program (Malaysia)
7418 Oct 2001Invited Leture Nutrient Cycle in Forested Catchment. At Kyoto University, Department of Environmental Engineering
75Nov 1999Invited Leture Hydrological impacts of upstream activities on catchment management. IPASSA Colloqium.
76Dec 1999Invited Lecture, Hutan dan Sumber Air. Ceramah kesedaran kepada kelab rekreasi Johor
771999Invited Leture One Day Seminar on Environment, University of Malaya
7822-27 Jun 1998Invited Leture Kursus Pencegahan Kebakaran Hutan
79Sept 1998Invited Leture Recent Trend in Forest Hydrological Research in the Tropics. Forestry and Forest Product Research Institute, Tsukuba, Japan.