Keynote Speaker

13 Oct 2018Keynote Speaker at International Conference on Civil & Environmental Engineering 2018. Organised by UTAR, UST and CDRR. Issues in Upscalling Plot to Findings to Basin Scale Application in Hydrological Analysis and Modelling
215 Aug 2018Plenary Speaker at AASSA-Akademi Sains Malaysia Conference on Water-Borne Infectious Diseases. Innovation to Support Water Quality. Kuala Lumpur 15-16 Aug 2018
326 July 2018Plenary Speaker at ASEAN Conference and Exposition on Disaster Risk Management and Climate hange Adaptation 2018. Innovative Decision Making for Sustainable Manageement of Water in Developing Countries. Batangas State University, Batangas City, Phillippines
424 Oct 2017Keynote Spaker, Landuse and Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources at the 5th International Conference on Environmental Engineering. Surabaya, Indonesia 24-25 Oct 2017
523 Oct 2017Keynote Speaker “Kesan Guna Tanah ke Atas Banjir Besar” at Seminar Kebangsaan Bencana Alam ke IV, Universiti Malaysia Sabah. 23-24 Oct 2017
65 Oct 2017Keynote Speaker, Hydrological Analysis and Modelling: Challenges in Linking Plot to Basin Scale Processes at International Conference on Geomatics & Geospatial technology (GGT) 2017, 4&5 Oct 2017, Kuala Lumpur
73 July 2017Keynote Speaker. The Way Forward for Sustainable Water Management in the Developing Countries. Water Cycle, Marine Environment, and Disaster Management Symposium. Kumamoto University, Japan
823 Sep 2016Keynote Speaker at Kyushu Water Forum 2016: Water Management in Southeast Asian Region: Challenges and Opportunities. Fukuoka Japan. 23&24 Sept
924 Nov 2015Keynote Speaker, Landuse and Major Flood: Relooking at the options. At International Conference on Water Resources 2015. Langkawi
1012 Nov 2015Plenary Speaker at Internatonal Workshop on Nanocomposite Materials for Photocatalytic Degradation of Pollutants: Advanced Opportunities for New Applications. The needs for innovative approach for meeting future water demand. Impiana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
1115 May 2014Keynote speaker at 1st National Conference on Non Point Sources Pollution, Kuala Lumpur. 15&16 May
1217 Jun 2013Keynote Speaker, on “Water Cooperation”. Seminar on Geospatial Disaster and UNESCO-HELP Basin: Water Co-operation, Security and Geohazards. Putrajaya
1323 Jun 2010Keynote Speaker: World Championship for Clean River. Persidangan Kebangsaan Hidrologi Alam Sekitar. 23&24 Jun 2010, UTHM