Professional Membership

  1. Fellow Akademi Sains Malaysia (FASc) since April 2012
  2. Group Leader, Asian Network on Climate Science and Technology (ANCST) Special Topic: Climate Change, Flood and Anthropogenic Activities from March 2017
  3. Associate Fellow, Akademi Sains Malaysia (2010-Apr 2012)
  4. Registered EIA Consultant and Subject Specialist to the Department of Environment (Registration no CS 0325)
  5. Ahli Majlis Professor Negara,  Kluster Sumber Asli  dan Alam Sekitar (since January 2012).
  6. Ketua Sub-Cluster Water Security, Majlis Professor Negara (Jan 2014- Jun 2018)
  7. Group Leader (Hydrology) for Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)-Asian Core Program (2011-2016)
  8. Secretary, International Water Association specialist Group on Appropriate Technology for Developing Countries (membership – 00886231
  9. Exco Member, Malaysian International Hydrological Program (MIHP) – Since 2001
  10. Council Member, Malaysian Water Association,  (Oct 2013-Sep 2015)
  11. Council Member,  Malaysian Water Association, 2007-2010 (membership no  OM 0911)
  12. Member, International Water Association (membership no – 00886231)
  13. Member, Malaysian Hydrological Society (membership no – 0021)
  14. Member, Malaysia Nature Society (membership no –O N 21533 J)
  15. Member, Malaysian Geographical Society
  16. Member, International Association of Hydrological Science (IAHS) (membership no – 7813)
  17. Member, Asia-Pacific Hydrology and Water Resources Association (APHA)
  18. Member, Malaysian Water Association Standing Committee on Further Education and Research (2005)