Master students

Nurul Hidayah Ismail, Optimization of pectin from sweet potato using acid extraction method, Sept 2015-present, Main supervisor

Thaibah Ali, Formulation of ready-to-eat meal to heal (M2H) for immunity and energy booster for flood disaster victim, Sept 2015-present, Main supervisor

Nurul Hazirah Hamidon, Effect of sweet potato pectin on the release of volatile flavour compounds and the structural stability in multi-layer emulsion,  Sept 2015-present, Main Supervisor

Nur Shakira Sahat, Formulation and stability of margarine containing anthocyanins from Roselle and Red Cabbage,  Sept 2013-present, Main Supervisor

Sharifah Annirah Syed Abd Rahman, Plant protein hydrolysates from fermented soy bean as a supplement for medium in Human Skin Fibroblast 1184 Cell Culture, Sept 2013-present, Main Supervisor

Nurul Shafinas Mohd. Daud, Extraction and stability of rice bran oil from upland rice, Sept 2013-April 2016, Main Supervisor (Graduated)

Reiza Mutia, Blending of Palm Oil Midfraction and Canola Oil for Production of Cocoa Butter Equivalent via Lipase-Catalyzed Interesterification, Feb 2013-June 2015, Co-supervisor (Graduated)

Maznah Misbah, Growth performance, feed intake and feed efficiency on ruminant supplemented with probiotic treated sugarcane bagasse, Jan 2013-Feb 2016, Co-supervisor (Graduated)