Conference Proceedings

Soil With High Porosity As An Excellent Carbon Dioxide Adsorbent Carbon-Rich Soil As An Effective Adsorbent For Carbon Dioxide. 2019. Malaysia.

Electrospinning of PLA With DMF: Effect of Polymer Concentration on The Bead Diameter of The Electrospun Fibre. 2019. Malaysia

In-Situ FTIR studies of the plasma glow region of non-thermal plasma fed with CO2 in Postgraduate Conference 2018. Newcastle University , United Kingdom

The production of ketene and C5O2 from CO2, N2 and CH4 in a non-thermal plasma catalysed by earth-abundant elements: an in-situ FTIR study. Unconventional Activation of Catalysts – Fundamental and Applications 2018. IChemE Catalysis Special Interest Group. The University of Manchester, United Kingdom

In-situ FTIR Studies of the Non-thermal Plasma Reduction of CO2 in Postgraduate Conference 2017. Newcastle University , United Kingdom

Recovery of Heavy Metals from Spent Etching Waste Solution of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Manufacturing, International Conference on Environment, Malaysia. 2010

Chemical Characterization of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Wastewater, Conference On Advanced Materials And Nanotechnology, Malaysia. 2009