How to use Turnitin the easy way.

Hello everyone,

Turnitin is a ‘text-matching’ software that compares submissions against previous publications. It then creates an ‘Originality Report’ that identifies where the text within the submission has matched another source.

It has been used in UTM to generate a so-called plagiarism report before thesis submission. I personally used the platform to collect students assignments and as a criterion for marks rubric.

The first thing you need to have is “the classroom” description; where you are going to submit your paper/thesis/report. For students, you can ask this from your supervisor or lecturer. The classroom description consists of an ID number and password. To make the step by step easier to understand, let me show you the procedure in a graphical manner

Login to If this is the first time you visit this website, register first.
When you arrived at the dashboard, enrol in a class using class ID and enrolment password as given by your supervisor/lecturer
Submit your assignment using the “more action” button. This is an example of a classroom that I created for my student to check their plagiarism assorted by chapter.
Wait for Turnitin to generate the report, this can take a while, sometimes if too long, I just close it first, and go take a nap (ヅ) When it is ready, click on the similarity column to open the similarity report in the new tab
In the new tab, the report will be generated, click the similarity tool to open the match overview layer.
Finally, download the report for thesis submission purposes. If you are submitting an assignment, this step is optional.