Dr. Muhammad Amir Bin As’ari

Dept. of Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Associate Fellow Researcher of Sport Innovation & Technology Centre (SITC)

Member of Digital Signal and Image Processing Research Group (DSIP)

Assoc. Member of Biomedical Instrumentation & Electronics Research Group (BMiE)

Postgraduate Opportunity

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me at amir-asari@utm.my

Congratulations to Nur Azmina on Successfully Completing her Ph.D. Viva

Congratulations to Nur Azmina on Successfully Completing her Ph.D. VivaOn this momentous occasion, I wanted to extend my heartfelt congratulations to you for your exceptional accomplishment of successfully completing your Ph.D. viva. This is a tremendous milestone...

Demo: AI+Drone For Sport Tech Research

Last week, I got opportunity to share my knowledge in AI and Deep Learning with our undergraduate student under BioMehs. I have share the implementation of AI in Drone. However, just manage to share basic implementation such as image classification since we have...

Basic AI In Drone Workshop

I was invited by BIOMEHS to give a talk related to AI application in Drone. Please do not hesitate to join and hope this workshop could provide a lot of benefit to all especially the undergrad student in facing the inevitable 4th industrial revolution (4IR)

Jemputan Sebagai Speaker Untuk Projek Sembang Santai Sukan

Alhamdulillah, saya telah diberi kepercayaan untuk menjadi speaker dalam program bual bicara bernama "Projek Sembang Santai Sukan". Topik berkenaan pusat kecemerlangan SITC yang telah lama anggotai, sejak dari menjadi pensyarah kanan. Namun, masih lagi berajar dari...

Face Mask Detection For Covid-19 Project

Demonstration of application developed by Biomedical Engineering student in a mini project for Artificial Intelligence course. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxZe2h6ZgZ4

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