Completed Projects

  1. Development Of High Resolution Auditory Brainstem Response Acquisition Circuit For Low Noise Measurement, RM 40,000.00, 2012-2013. University Grant, Project Leader.
  2. Adaptive Wavelet Filter Bank for Intelligent Diagnostic of Cardiac Diseases, RM 40,000.00, 2011-2012, University grant, Project Leader.
  3. Standalone Digital signal processing (DSP) Design for Biomedical Signal Processing Based on Kalman Filtering, RM 282,000.00, 2011-2013, Sciencefund MOSTI/Government Grant, Co-researcher.
  4. Cardiovascular Heart Disease(CHD) Detection via Low Frequency Inner Ear Stimulation, RM 50,000.00, 2013-2014, University grant, Co-researcher.
  5. A Novel Method of Monitoring Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) and Exercise Intensity Using Real-time Objective Measurement of Respiratory Rate in Cardiac Rehabilitation, RM 33,000.00, 2013-2015, University grant Flagship, Co-researcher.
  6. State-Space Modeling Of Biomedical Time Series: Model Formulation, State And Parameter Inference With Application To Biomedical Signal Processing, RM 200,000.00, 2012-2014, University grant, Co-researcher.
  7. Bio-Photonics Medical Sensor, RM 138,500.00, 2011-2014, University grant, Flagship, Co-researcher.
  8. Development Of E-Evaluation System For Physical Fitness Assessment, RM 130,000.00, 2011-2013, University grant, Co-researcher.
  9. Sequential Monte Carlo Methods for Parameter Estimation in Non-linear Non-Gaussian State-Space Models with Applications to Biomedical Signal Processing, RM 170,000.00, 2011-2013, University grant, Co-researcher.
  10. Development of Malay Speech Technology for Preschool Vocabulary Learning System, RM 150,000.00, 2011-2013, University Grant, Co-researcher
  11. Development of Embedded Measurement Platform for Single Lead ECG, Sciencefund MOSTI/Government Grant, Co-researcher.
  12. A Preliminary Hearing Screening Program for Newborns in Malaysia, Sciencefund MOSTI/Government Grant, Co-researcher.
  13. Support Vector Machines (SVMs) As A Large Margin Classifier for Machine Learning Algorithm, Co-researcher.
  14. Development of a Telemedicine Application for Intelligent Diagnostics of Cardiac Diseases, Sciencefund MOSTI/Government Grant, Co-researcher.
  15. Development of Fitness Stimulation Studio and Training System for Muslim Pilgrims, Sciencefund MOSTI/Government Grant, Co-researcher.
  16. Development of Cardiac Acquisition System For Real-time Intelligent Cardiac Diagnostic System, Sciencefund MOSTI/Government Grant, Co-researcher.
  17. The Design of Blood Glucose Meter for Diabetic Patient, Sciencefund MOSTI/Government Grant, Co-researcher.
  18. Development of Intelligent UKJK (Ujian Kecergasan Jasmani Kebangsaan) Fitness Test Laboratory and Training System for Malaysian Schools, Sciencefund MOSTI/Government Grant, Co-researcher.