To me in 15 years from today…

From the “Reflection on 2021 BC4DCP Soul of Academia”

What I understood from today’s session on the Soul of Academia is that education is beyond the things that we can measure and calculate such as students’ marks or publications. We need to also promote good characteristics and adab in them and ourselves. When we are too focused on these tangible things, we tend to forget about the intangible things. We will have students with long list of A’s but with bad attitude. We will have staffs who do not want to participate in extra activities when they have attained enough KPI marks. Everyone needs to re-find their soul and realize that their deeds in academia will continue until the Hereafter.

            Fortunately, I have my colleagues who have been with me since our undergraduate years. They have been very helpful and we complement each other. We do things together. The more the merrier, right? I think with their company, we can soar high together in academia by giving us the push that we need at our lowest points. Insya-Allah, we will not lose our ground as we remind one another. Additionally, we have mentors that we can look up to for advice and direction. With their guidance, we can chart our path to success in academia.

Figure: My personal timeline in UTM

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