Research Projects

  1. Title: Kinetic and Thermodynamic Study of Simultaneous Extraction and Stripping Process of Silver Using Cynex 302
  1. Title: Coalescence Filtration of Oil-In-Water Emulsion with a Biodegradable Fibrous Filter Media
  1. Title: A Comparative Study Of Different Lignocellulosic Pretreatments From Palm Biomass For Maximal Fermentable Sugar Yield
  1. Title: Vegetable Oil-Emulsion Liquid Membrane Formulation For Reactive Dye Removal From Wastewater
  1. Title: Optimal Utilisation of Biomass Resources for Sustanable Electricity Generation
  1. Title: Pineapple Peel Fiber Based Bopolymer For Green Packaging Ware
  1. Title: Green Palm Oil-Based Emulsion Liquid Membrane Formulation for Metal from Wastewater
  1. Title: Mathematical Model for Optimal Biomass Power Plants for Sustanable Electricity Supply
  1. Title: Simultaneous Production of Bioethanol and Biohydrogen From Pineapple Residue Biomass
  1. Title: Selective Production of Succinic Acid From Fermentation Broth Assisted With Emulsion Liquid Membrane Purification
  1. Title: Impact of Introduction to Engineering Course on Preparing Engineering Students To Be A Future Engineer
  1. Title: Chemical Absorption of Hydrogen Sulfide and Carbon Dioxide for Biogas Purification
  1. Title: Green Technologies For The Exploitation of Local Industrial Wastes